Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Don't Call It a Comeback, I Been Here for Years

...but most folks wouldn't suspect it

because I haven't made a post

in two years.

Cue crickets chirping...

I miss blogging!  I started this blog several years ago as a way to document the recipes I tried when I was attempting to learn to cook like a grown-up(I still can't, by the way). It was never really about getting readers so much as it was a way for me to document that process, and later, my sewing attempts. Yeah, I lost some focus from where I started with the cooking, but that was part of the fun of it, trying new things and seeing what I could do.

My life has changed since I quit the blog. Things have happened that I have no control over and some of those things have saddened and changed me in ways I didn't think possible. But I am going to try my best to accept the things that I cannot change, make my own happy, and get the hell on with a fulfilling life. I've allowed myself to turn into one of the sitting dead in front of a screen viewing television, playing stupid online games and watching everyone else's life roll by on social media while pretending that my own is hunky dory, when really, it's not. It's made me grumpy and pessimistic. OK, I've always been slightly grumpy and pessimistic, I admit it. However, it is time I get over myself and make my own happy. I don't pretend to be a great artist, a great quilter, or a great cook by any stretch of the imagination, but doing these things make me happy.  For some strange reason, documenting them in this forum also gives me a little jolt.

I miss the reflection that naturally comes from sitting down to write a blog post about a particular project or experience. It sounds corny, but I think I was more in tune with myself when I was blogging regularly.

I miss the way being a blogger encouraged me to constantly try something new or at the very least pushed me into doing something...trying new recipes, painting, quilting, crafting, sewing, writing, playing with my camera. I'm still creating, but not regularly and not with the gusto that I once did. Now instead of thinking "I cannot wait to get started on the next project!" it's more of a "I should probably sew/bake/quilt/paint something" mentality.

I want to be that girl who couldn't wait to get up in the morning or get home from work to pursue crafty and creative endeavors. Who spent hours doing instead of sitting. For whatever reason, blogging originally motivated me to begin being creative after a long period of non-creativity and I could use a push in that direction again.

I see no reason why I can't be that creative, motivated, blogger-girl again. It may be sparse, it may be all over the place, and it may take a while for the momentum to build and for me to get back into those routines, but I am going to get back to it. Besides, I have this blog just sitting around taking up interweb space so I should probably put it to use.

**revised an updated version of a post I made the first time I fell off the blog wagon**