Thursday, September 29, 2011

Yeah. That's right. I made some quilt tops.

Last Saturday I went to a Stack-N-Whack class at my local quilt shop. I had never been the least bit interested in making one of these quilts until I saw some of the blocks a friend was making. Her use of modern fabrics hooked me on the idea of making a Stack-N-Whack myself immediately!

The yellow is a tad loud, but my plan is to have it quilted with gray thread, which should tone it down. I'd try to explain how to get the kaliedescope effect to you in a bit more detail, but it wouldn't make a bit of sense! In a nutshell, fabric gets stacked by repeat prints, cut into rectangles, then once more into triangles and with the addition of a background fabric, that print is magically turned into these spinning beauties!

 To get the actual scoop on how to make these quilts, check out Bethany Reynold's website or pick up a copy of one of her books. She's the genius who came up with this method.

This may be the most addicting quilt top I've made to date! I started Saturday and finished on Monday! How's that for quick?

I'd loooove to try this in a monochromatic color scheme!

This one is currently unnamed.

Next up is the Vintage Sheety Quilt I started back in the summer.  I do loves me some vintage sheets!

This was supposed to be a picnic quilt(for all those picnics we never go on), but I fear by the time it's actually quilted, it'll be a Happy New Year! quilt.  I'm calling this one Fifteen Sheets to the Wind.

Projects in the works:

  • Pinwheel Sampler quilt
  • Grey zig zag quilt
  • Quilt #2 for my most awesome nephew, who just happens to be the cutest boy in the world.

Easy Canvas Print? Heck Yes!

I was contacted by a representative from Easy Canvas Prints a while back asking if I would like to review a product. I would get to choose a one of my photos and have it made into a canvas print. I jumped at the chance!

After much debate, I decided on this photo that I took at the Vienna Prater when I visited Europe a few years ago.  There are a few more photos from the park here.

And here's how it translated to canvas.  Please, as always, excuse the crappy lighting. 

I am very pleased with the canvas! I should also add that the website was a snap to use and it shipped quickly. 

I decided to hang it with a few other travel related pieces on my "Wall O' Art".  One, a photo my sister took in New Orleans. The other is a painting that I bought on the Charles Bridge in's my favorite souvenir ever!

Here's how it looks on said Wall O' Art. I know it seems like a sparse collection right now, but someday I want to fill this entire wall with more photos, paintings, prints, etc. In addition to the three above are drawing of my dog Mya, a gift from my dear friend and phenomenal artist, Mary, a Natasha Wescoat print, and a Shag Tiki Room print, a gift from my husband. 

They are currently running a 25% off sale with free shipping over at Easy Canvas Prints! Thanks again, guys for giving me the opportunity to review your great product! I think I'm gonna need a few more to help balance and fill out this wall!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pumpkin Brownies

I was watching an episode of Hungry Girl on Food Network the other day and she made these absolutely yummy looking fudgey-brownies using a can of pumpkin, some peanut butter, light chocolate syrup and a box of brownie mix. It's not the first time I'd thought of trying this recipe, but seeing her eat them and hearing her talk about how wonderful they tasted, well it made me have to try making them.

I didn't have any chocolate syrup, so I mixed the brownie mix and pumpkin.

Next I added 2TBS of melted peanut butter to the batter and made it all pretty.

Baked at 350 for about 40min.

Don't they look yummy?

So. Not. Yummy. They weren't terrible, but they didn't taste like any brownie I've ever eaten. They had a weird(pumkin, no doubt) flavor that I just could not get past. I wonder if the chocolate syrup would have eliminated some of the pumpkin flavor?  Looking at the photo I can almost hear them saying "I'm not what I pretend to be".

They weren't for me, but that doesn't mean it's a bad Vegan Husband loved  them!