Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Another Trip to the 4H Flea Market

Since I am SO behind(see previous post) what better way to avoid getting anything done than to relive a recent trip to the 4H Flea Market? It's a beautiful October(told you I was behind) day...we're up at 6am to make it to the flea market before "all the good stuff is gone".

Put on your shades, grab a light jacket and let's head out!

First up on our trip through the vintage thingie goodness that is the 4H Flea Market, this adorable little doggie pull toy. Wait...something looks seriously wrong with his nose! I suppose when you're led around by your nose for years somethings bound to go wrong.And if he wasn't cute enough, here's this.Oh NO! Please....Tell me it's that a Creepy Cymbal Playing Chimpanzee Freak I see??? No, thank goodness, it's just a semi-creepy-non-cymbal-playing-overall-wearing-chimpanzee-freak. Still creeps me out.

Bonjour! Parlez-vous le français ? Nous sommes Saumâtres et Poivrés! Nous sommes adorables!
I'd love to own a vintage cookie jar collection...just nowhere to keep one. This little bird is one of the cutest I've seen!I love anthropomorphic anything!
I fell in love with these. The color is perfect. I don't think I even bothered checking the price though, I doubt they were a bargain. Maybe Santa will bring them to me...Anyone know what this is? I KNOW it's a pie...but does it do something else? Looks like it might spin or something.We've been at this a while. Is anyone else ready for a snack? A cinnamon roll perhaps, maybe a nice cold drink?
Aaaah. I feel better. Ready for more flea market goodies? Let's go!

There's something really charming to me about vintage Halloween items. However, this one is a little scary...he's got Crazy Eyes.And these guys are laughing 'cause they know something Mr. Crazy-Eyes-Bad-Teeth Pumpkin doesn't know . That truck's heading for Mrs. Smith's Pumpkin Pie Headquarters.And speaking of Holidays, is anyone else swooning over this?Here we have the Barbie Townhouse, in the box. I had one exactly like this and it was my absolute favorite thing in the world. I BEGGED Mark to buy it. He didn't of course. And I didn't either. You didn't expect me to spend my apron and tablecloth money on a Barbie Townhouse that I don't really need, did you? But oh, how I would love to have it. I'm only slightly joking when I say I'd have played with it if he'd have bought it.One thing that I noticed at this Fall's 4H Flea Market that I haven't noticed in the past was an abundance of celebrities. Big names. Seriously. Luckily the paparazzi was on hand and they she I managed to get candid photos!

First up, Elsie the Cow. Word on the street was she had to take little Bessie to the Hospital while on a supervised visit or something like that...
Raggedy Ann was there. Is it just me or does she look like she's had some work done?
Speaking of a gal who's had some work done... can you say lipo? botox? boob job? That body and face can't possibly be that perfect on it's own after what? 50+ years?After years of estrangement, Burger King, Sprout and Donald Duck who haven't been seen together since the late 70's were there promoting their new movie, a remake of the Three Amigos. Not to be outdone, this famous boy band showed up touting their new album called Snap, Crackle and Pop Goes the World.And always the schmoozer, Colonel Sanders literally was showing up EVERYWHERE!What's his name from Planet of the Apes knew better than to hang around Colonel Sanders for long...he wouldn't want to come up missing...see that maniacal grin on the Colonel's face...yeah monkey boy was moving on outta there in a hurry as he left we heard him mutter "Beware the beast Man, for he is the Devil's pawn!"

Trying to squeeze in on the coattails of the new Twilight movie, Count Dracula skulked in, but was promptly ushered out by 4H security.And if that's not enough celebrities for you...Steve Urkel popped by...and apparently tried to smush mini Steve Urkel.

Daryl Hannah was there...Even the King! A hunka-hunka burnin' love as usual!And the absolute highlight of the day? The one celebrity that got the whole entire crowd excited? Who else? SANTA! With one of his "helpers"!! He was as jolly as you would expect and yes, his belly did shake like a bowl full of jelly when he laughed!Man, that was fun! I don't know when I've seen so many silly and interesting things(not to mention celebs) all in one place. Anyone else ready for another snack before we hit the road? I'm thinking corn dog...I ask you...if anyone is still actually there...Where else can you spend a day for the mere cost of parking, caramel corn and a Coke and have this much fun?

MORE Vintage Thingies Here!

Oh MAN I am behind...


* Laundry
* mopping/sweeping
* cleaning piled up sewing/computer room
* BOTM far. behind.
* Christmas gift making
* Deciding on said Christmas gifts to make
* work stuff
* creating Etsy inventory
* cookie baking
* new recipe trying
* emails
* blog reading
* blog posting

you name it and I'm probably behind at it.

As my good friend and mentor Cheryl used to say "the hurrieder I go the behinder I get!

I just noticed that some of my favorite bloggers have posted four + times since I last read and those are just the ones I follow in my dashboard! Who KNOWS how many times the others I have bookmarked have posted!!

And this weekend I have a lot going on...shooot...I have to finish a quilt block before Saturday that I can't finish Friday 'cause I'll be at the Taste of Home Cooking School Holiday show and I can't do it Thursday 'cause I promised my sister I"d make her cookies and clearly tonight I have to make a blog post because what would I do if I couldn't procrastinate???

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Good For What Ails Ya...

I think I have The Plague. But this helps. For certain.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Vintage Thingies (on my stove)

I love vintage kitchen items...especially those of the whimsical variety! These vintage thingies live on my stove.

I think this guy is called Jolly Chef. I like the name anyway! This spoon rest is the newest addition to the stove top family. An egg separator that I picked up at a flea market makes a nice neighbor.And my favorite stove top residents, the anthropomorphic pear S&P shakers. You gotta watch these guys...they tend to get a little rowdy at times!
For more Vintage Thingies, head to Confessions of an Apron Queen.

Monday, November 3, 2008

European Vacation--The Wurstelprater, Vienna. And Yes, I'm Scared of Heights

Tonight, I feel the need to post more of the over one thousand of photos I took in Europe. Oh how I miss you, Vienna!On our last night in Vienna we made our way to the Prater to take a gander at the giant Ferris Wheel. The Prater is a huge park in Vienna and within it is the Wurstelprater, an amusement park.

We arrived when it was just getting dark, so we didn't get to visit the park but we did wander around the Wurstelprater for quite some time.

The park has been described on a couple of Austrian websites as being "seedy" "scruffy" or "filthy". I didn't see that at all. The place was most assuredly neat and tidy and I never felt unsafe or that I was in some seedy part of town.

At the Prater is one Vienna's landmarks and one of the destinations I was most excited about, the giant ferris wheel. As I mentioned it was growing dark as we approached, making my photos a bit on the dark side, but here's a link to a daytime photo.The ferris wheel, or Wiener Riesenrad as it's known in Austria, was originally built in 1896 and is one of the oldest(that's still running) in the world. During WWII it was bombed but rebuilt between 1945-1947. There is a small museum at the entrance which houses several of the gondolas and has historical information about the ferris wheel. Here's the official site for the Riensenrad. It's in German, but there's a link for English....and some more photos from around the park...
Because it is not a Vienna landmark, has no history behind it and is too freakin' tall, I had no desire to ride THIS ferris wheel. But it did make a purty picture.After all my wanting to see it and ride, I almost didn't get on the Riesenrad. I have a slight problem w/heights as in I am scared. of. heights. but I realized I would probably never have the chance again and it was either Jackie or Scott who told me I'd regret not riding. SO I rode.

It wasn't bad, really! See, I'm smiling! Note the absense of my sister? She's even more afraid of heights than I am. The views were amazing! Well worth the fear.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hot Mamma Apron Swap

I'll admit I am neither hot nor a mamma, but Val let me in on her fun apron swap just the same! Hot drinks for Hot Mamma's was the theme. We were to send our partner an apron to fit the theme of her favorite cool weather beverage and three "little somethings".

I received my swap package from Leah this weekend and it was FABULOUS! She sent me this adorable hot chocolate themed apron. It fit the "hot drinks" theme perfectly and I love it!She sent along a Betty Crocker cookbook, some of her family's favorite hot chocolate, a bag of marshmallows to go with the hot chocolate(yum), a chili kit perfect for the cool weather that we're bound to get sometime soon, and an adorable vintage Frosty the Snowman book! It was Christmas in October, I tell ya! Thanks again Leah!

Here's what I sent to my partner, the ADD Housewife. I couldn't find any fabric that fit in w/her favorite hot drink, apple cider(that didn't have apples on it) so I choose her favorite colors instead and embroidered a cup bearing a hot drink on the pocket to make it fit the theme. I also sent her some additional goodies as notecards, earrings, various flavors of cocoa and a little "party" cookbook.

Thanks again to Val for hosting this fun fun fun swap!

Now...time for me to get busy on the Sassy Apron Swap apron!