Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Oh MAN I am behind...


* Laundry
* mopping/sweeping
* cleaning piled up sewing/computer room
* BOTM far. behind.
* Christmas gift making
* Deciding on said Christmas gifts to make
* work stuff
* creating Etsy inventory
* cookie baking
* new recipe trying
* emails
* blog reading
* blog posting

you name it and I'm probably behind at it.

As my good friend and mentor Cheryl used to say "the hurrieder I go the behinder I get!

I just noticed that some of my favorite bloggers have posted four + times since I last read and those are just the ones I follow in my dashboard! Who KNOWS how many times the others I have bookmarked have posted!!

And this weekend I have a lot going on...shooot...I have to finish a quilt block before Saturday that I can't finish Friday 'cause I'll be at the Taste of Home Cooking School Holiday show and I can't do it Thursday 'cause I promised my sister I"d make her cookies and clearly tonight I have to make a blog post because what would I do if I couldn't procrastinate???


THE ESSESS said...

I'm well behind too!! Oh well just mutter along like I am!!

Birdie said...

You're nto're SO not alone. hey btw, I put 4 things up on Etsy and two have sold!! Thanks for adding me to your faves!

Birdie said...

Check out this apron!!
click the picture and make it large then look at the bottom apron - that' is SO cool and would be fun to design & sew, I think. Neato!