I Dig These Blogs

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Blogs written by some of my favorite people, both in the Real World and the Bloggy World. I Dig 'Em.

  • A Day in the Strife My awesome and most excellent brother and his wonderful art.
  • Embracing Accusation Adventures of my sweet little sis, her hubby and my soon-to-arrive nephew.
  • Starvin' Artist A dear forever friend and her fabulous art.
  • Pipstitch OK, so I've never actually met Patty, but I still consider her a great friend! She's crafty & hilarious...you'll love her!
  • Kandra Young  She's a doll...and she's super artsy-fartsy!
  • So, I Sew. Cassie is witty, smart and crafty! 
  • Sew What! Another of my crafty friends.  Tracy is a sweetheart.
  • YarniGras Another friend I've yet to meet. Val makes me laugh until I snort. There's nothing this woman can't do...cook, craft, mosiac art, and she's fun to read! 
  • Tres Bon Babble Bonnie is a most talented seamstress! I want to be her some day.
  • Dragonfly-Crafts The lovely Fiona...she comes from a land down under and is sew talented!
  • Jen's Photos The name says it all...beautiful photography by the lovely Jen.
  • Lit & Laundry The uber-talented Sarah!

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