Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Quilty Dilemma

I still don't really consider myself a quilter, but I figure if I keep working at it, I'll eventually feel like I've earned that title. Right now, I'm still learning to do a decent job of piecing.

I want to learn more about the art of quilting and I want to improve at it, so I read quilting magazines and books. I search out and spend time looking over quilting blogs and I google quilt patterns and such endlessly. In fact, if I spent the time making quilts that I do reading about making quilts, I'd have a nice size stack of 'em.

Any-hoo, I recently came across a Hawaiian themed quilt in a magazine and decided immediately that I HAD to make a Hawaiian quilt for myself, though not necessarily the one featured in the magazine. Even though I'm not technically a quilter, I think I can wing a pattern? This could turn ugly.

Being possessed by the Hawaiian Quilt Demon and her friend the Fabric Buying Demon, I went shopping online and ended up with several fabrics(all featuring hula girls) that I thought would work.

Now that the fabrics have arrived, I'm kinda stuck. But here's what I'm thinking so far:
  • lap size
  • fussy cut the hula girl fabrics into squares
  • do a white border(sashing?) around the hula squares
  • border the whole thing with the pink/white hibiscus print
  • the solid pink hibiscus print is for the back of the quilt
  • I haven't even thought about binding yet
I'd like for it to have this kind of look...but with a bit wider border.

The delimma is: I love all of these fabrics but I feel like I've missed something. And I think it's a color thing. Does it need more colors? Which ones? I have some ideas but want to see what you think on the color issue. What about mixing in a non-hula girl (but still Hawaiian) print? Should I just leave it as is and see what happens?


liz taylor said...

Ooooh, this is going to be so fun! I love the idea of fussy cutting the hula girls out. I would probably add 2-3 non-hula girl but still hawaiian fabrics to the mix. Then you would have more variety and also more fabrics for a pieced border as well. I can't wait to see it all put together! Good luck!

Jody said...

You might not want the white for your sashings---after you cut out the blocks, lay them on different color tone on tones with the pink as borders and see what you like.

Anonymous said...

What if you combined a few more solids and bordered the fussy cuts with them like this,

Crafty Maine Mom said...

I'm struggling with the two pink fabrics as the border they are too matchy matchy while all the other fabrics are so different. If you want the look of the "Christmas Quilt" Go with a solid color (a color which is in all the fabrics or coordinates with all the fabrics) and use the hawaiin prints pieced for the border.

Anonymous said...

I think the pink fabric as a border will look kind of busy with the rest of the quilt and really love the look of a white border. I also agree that another solid that is in all the other fabrics will tie it together nicely. If you still want to use the pink hibiscus print, it would probably work nicely for the binding. Good luck!

Me aka Supermom said...

I'd use fussy cuts of only 6", and then double frame each in coordinating small prints or solids, some can be white, but you'd need 6-8 in my opinion. Then consider the sashing and bordering in white. I'm not sure...could be cute or it could be a giant novelty. Hard to say at this point. I saw one of these done with xmas fabs that was adorable.

Kellie said...

Thank you ladies SO much for your input and suggestions on this! I do appreciate it. For now, the Hula Girl quilt is on hold...I want to pick up some more fabrics for it. But again, thanks for your help...I plan on taking some of your suggestions!