Wednesday, August 11, 2010

More From Chicagoland...Stuff We Ate.

Finally! More photos and yammering to share from my summer trip to Chicagoland. I had such a great time with Jackie and Scott...I'm already thinking of planning another trip during Fall Break.

I'm not really a huge fan of hot dogs and no way would I think about eating one with all that "Chicago Style" stuff piled on it. However, because I am a hopeless superdork, I decided that I HAD to go to Superdawg during my visit. Mainly, because I'd seen it on a PBS documentary called "A Hot Dog Program",  but also for the building(I dig Googie arcitecture) and for the giant hot dogs standing atop it....none of which disappointed! The hot dog was dang tasty for a plain hot dog...hey...I can hear you...stop snickering at me.

Scott, w/a Chicago style Superdawg.

I sampled Jack's chocolate milkshake...fantastic! And in case you didn't believe me when I said I was a's proof...I took a photo of the box the hot dog came in.

We also ate restuarant in the 'Burbs called Portillo's
The atmosphere was really fun...the gal you see at the counter would call out a number and whenever someone went to pick up their order...she'd grin and rhyme the number.  "Number Two...I've got a meal ready for you!"
Portillo's  had a little bit of everything on the menu...including their own version of the Chicago dog, I, however, opted for another classic....Italian Beef....Lord. Have. Mercy. 

Then there was the Hollywood Palms...a resturant/movie theater. Our servers actually brought out a meal while we were watching a movie!  For whatever reason, I didn't take any photos of the individual theaters, which were all decorated in a different movie genre theme, but there are photos of those here.  I did manage to get a photo of one of two bars.

And what trip to Chicago is complete without amazing pizza? I give you Giordano's. Amazing is an understatement.

My favorite restuarant was Ann Sather.  I loved everything about it! 

....from the Swedish style decor to our waitress (who looked alarmingly like Ed Begly Jr.)... the ENORMOUS & delicious cinammon rolls... what has got to be hands down the best breakfast sandwich and potatoes I've eaten in my life.
 I would ride the train 5 hours just to eat at Ann Sather again. 

Expect more Chicagoland photos and yammering at a later date...

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Margaret said...

G,Day just surfed in, I have relatives in Chicagoland, I have been ther albeit 20 odd years ago , enjoyed your script and the photos.