Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's Not Technically a UFO if I'm Working On It! it?

So yeah, I was serious when I said I was going to get back to creating!

 A while back, I joined the Sew Bee Wonky Flickr quilting bee hosted by my friend Kandra. When my month rolled around, I asked for wonky houses.

I'm so glad I did! They are wonderfully charming little blocks! If I were more industrious, I'd post photos of them all here, but instead, I'll direct you to our Flickr Group, if you are so inclined to take a peek at more of them, they're near the beginning of the group photostream.

Once I got my blocks back I realized a few of them, though ADORABLE, weren't going to work out in the quilt I had planned.  Mostly because when I trimmed them up to fit, I would lose a good deal of the house design. So, I've made several more on my own to add to the quilt.

My original plan was to make a nice, structured quilt with white sashing where all my little wonky houses are lined up in nice neat rows. And I'm sticking with that plan. I'm thrilled with the blocks that don't fit into this quilt, because it means I will have enough blocks to make two little house quilts! One nice neat one, and one that's crazy-wonky and will call for improvisation when it comes to putting it all together!

For now, I'm working on the one that plays nice and I'm at the point where I'm ready to add the sashing. I'd thought about using a solid white Kona cotton, but I had a white on white print on hand, so I've decided to go with that. No more of this running out and buying more fabric just to finish a quilt when it isn't really necessary! I'm trying to learn to use what I have whenever possible. I think it'll work out just fine.

I'm fairly certain I want to add "Home Sweet Home" to the border.  I've searched high and low for the tutorial showing how to make letters as shown in this quilt. The original tutorial must have been removed due to the soon to be published book on the subject. I am so excited to finish this quilt that I can't wait for the publication date! (Although I plan on getting a copy ASAP!). Anyhow, I've been trying to teach myself how to make the letters for "Home Sweet Home". I think I've got it. My practice piece:

Once I get the S and the T figured out, I'm good to go! Actually, I'd really like the quilt to say "Welcome to My World" but that's a lot of letters...and I'm a lot of lazy.

 Hopefully, I'll have a more of this quilt top to show off soon!

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Kiza said...

Oooo. I'm really excited to see how it all comes together! Those little houses were SO much fun to make. :)