Sunday, March 1, 2015

KY Snow Apocalypse = Bursts of Creativity!

I live in Western Kentucky, where the weather has multiple personalities. A couple weeks ago we had a major snowstorm and I was lucky enough forced to miss several days of work. During that time, I decided to fire up Katie Kenmore and did some quilting...well, quilt top making to be honest.

First, I used a Central Park charm pack and some neutral solids from my stash and made this easy cheesy baby quilt top. I have no idea which of the five babies I know who have recently entered or will soon be entering the world is going to get this, if any. I have another stack of these charms, I will definitely pair it up with white the next time. 

Next, I pulled out a stack of 10" blue squares and got busy on another quilt top. I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do. Pinwheels? Simple four patch? So I started snooping around online and was inspired by a really cool yellow/gray star quilt and ultimately ended up with this. 

In the midst of this quilt top, I killed my iron. Again. My husband was nice enough to get me out of the house once the roads were somewhat less treacherous, take me to WalMart, and buy a new iron. He's a keeper, ladies! However, as is evidenced in the photo below, where I'm posing with an iron,  I WAS at the point of stir crazy, so he probably did it for his own sanity as well as mine. 

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