Friday, January 19, 2007

They're Both Favorites

I spent last week watching the first season of 24 on DVD. MAN, it's good and now I miss it terribly! At first I watched two episodes a night. By the third disk, I think I was up to three episodes at a time and had to MAKE myself stop watching. I would literally be so tense I was drawn up into a ball on the couch chewing my fingernails by the time an episode would end. IT WAS GREAT! Better than any movie I've seen lately. I don't want to give anything away in case someone wants to check it out, but the twists and turns they take on that show are unbelievable! RUN to Movie Gallery and rent it people! Shea has Season 2 and I cannot wait to start on that. We were discussing 24 vs. Lost...both excellent shows. Lost is a little more fun and you get a laugh or two per episode (thanks to Sawyer and Hurley), but 24 just sucks you in and you cannot stop watching it.

Not sure which show is my favorite...Their both favorities...Lost may be a little more favorite...but if I can't watch LOST that's OK, cause 24 is favorite anyway...They're both good...They're both good! SO, I am obviously beginning to look forward to the Brian Regan concert in Feb!! Funny funny guy. Shea has a clip on his blog, and there are also clips on Hysterical! Last time we saw him, I laughed harder than I had in I don't know when. And speaking of concerts...

There is a very good chance that I may have fan club seating to Harry Connick Jr. in March. The man puts on an unbelievable show! Phenomenal musician, phenomenal voice. I think everyone should go see Harry if they get the chance. I've seen him in concert three times and have never ever been disappointed. He's always personable, charming and flat out fantastic. Jack is checking on getting her fan club tickets transferred over to me so that I can buy the primo tickets. Last time we did that they were FRONT ROW. This concert is to promote the Oh My Nola CD, which comes out on the 30th and yes, I will be buying a copy that day.

Am I supposed to talk about cooking? Still haven't done much in while. Too busy watching my "stories" on the tv! HOWEVER, I did just cook up a healthy little cheese pizza for only five WW points:
Flat out low calorie Italian Herb bread
Top with pizza sauce and some low fat mozerella.
Bake at 350 till cheese is brown and bubbly.
Really tasty for Pizza lovers like me who can no longer eat as much "real" pizza. Would probably be good with some pepperoni and veggies(if you like that sort of thing) tossed on. I could eat pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner without ever tiring of it. BUT I haven't had any "real" pizza in weeks, and this was a tasty alternative. Tomorrow I think I am going to take on the chicken again. My friend Rhonda told me how to do baked cajun chicken. Sounded super simple and since I have both chicken AND cajun spices on hand, I gotta give it a try. I *might* even try some sweet potato fries (baked of course) to go with! I'll let you know how it turns out.


J. Shea Stanley said...

OK, I know I told you the first four episodes of Season TWO were insane....HOLY CRAP!!!!! The next four are just unbelievable. I'm going to be exhausted by the time I'm finished with season 2.

I need to get some stuff for the FLAT OUT pizzas. Super Wal Mart opens in a few days!!! I'll be able to buy ALL kinds of groceries, at an affordable price!

Must watch the Office now, so I can de-tense from 24.

Scott and Jackie said...


Kellie Cotton said...

AAACCKK! I went to Movie Gallery today and they had Season 2. I SO wanted to rent it, but I didn't. I'm going to wait but it is going to drive me crazy now that I know there are four highly intense episodes to look forward to. I have a feeling I'll be watching it next week, won't I??? Jack--you guys are gonna love it.