Sunday, January 28, 2007

OK, I did not try a new recipe this week. Shame on me. Well I did change up the baked chicken from last week a little...does that count? Here's what I did...

Took the baked chicken recipe and replaced cajun spice with lemon pepper spice. Cooked up some No Yolks egg noodles (they are more WW friendly than regular egg noodles) and plopped my baked chicken on top of that. It was pretty AND tasty!

I'd say that trying to cook three things last Sunday did me in. Yep, that's it. I need to go back to one recipe per week. I don't know what to try this week...still in the dilemma of trying to learn to cook but eat healthier at the same time. I know I know I know...cook healthy recipes. We've been through this before...I am reminded of the healthy recipe for sorbet disaster from a few weeks back. However, I do think I will invest in a new cookbook, that might help. If you were to take a look at my meager cookbook collection, you'd find titles such as... Graceland's Table (which we've discussed), Fabulous 50's Food, and Comfort Foods. Good eatin', yes. Healthy...not so much. So I may cruise Amazon later for a weight watchers cookbook or some such nonsense.

As I have no culinary news to share, I will share this. This is my fourth week to be back on Weight Watchers and I have lost 8 pounds! I'm still in shock. Mind you that's just 2 pounds per week, but it's gone by fast and I haven't really struggled a lot. I think the fact that I am trying to cook is helping. Before I got stuck on eating the prepacked, frozen, points allotted meals. I felt like I was eating the same thing day after day and after a while I just got sick of messing with it and quit trying. Well, there were other reasons that I gave up, but the fact that I was eating frozen dinners non-stop didn't help. Their good, don't get me wrong but after a while you get tired of ziti, mac and cheese, and fetuccinni. I have bought a few, but I try not to eat them very often. The other thing that is helping is exercise. I'm doing that daily and although some days I feel like I'm going to pass out, I keep going. Usually I feel better afterwards and I'm definately sleeping better lately. So that's my good bit of news for the week.

And also on the weight loss front, we are having a biggest loser competion at work. I am on a great team with fun people and we did pretty good last week. We're only into week 2, and I'm hoping this will help keep me motivated. It's hard to cheat when you know there are four other people depending on you! They're coming over to Casa de Cotton today so that we can make sure on track and maybe do some exercise or something. I'm looking forward to it...just gotta get off my butt and do some cleaning so that the casa isn't so stinky.

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