Saturday, February 3, 2007

Pork Chops and Applesauce...and...Your unce, tice, fee times a mady

Well there was no Applesauce, but porchops were had. My first time doing anything to a pork chop besides shakd-n-baking it! Hold on...I have bought those precooked smoked pork chops and thrown them on the George Foreman. But again, I don't think that counts as "real" cooking, though tasty they be.

Porchop number 1 was pan fried in water as sandwich fixins. Very tasty. Mom did this last weekend and those were some darn good sandwiches so I thought I'd give it a try. Of course I didn't have the same spices she did, but it still worked. Sprinkled them with some Lawrys (my current seasoning of choice, I put it on everything), used enough olive oil spray to get the skillet shiny. Browned both sides and then added about 1/4 cup of water(twice), put the lid on and let them finish up "frying" until the water cooked out. I used a skinny little 2oz. pork chop and it still was fairly juicy/tender AND it was a WW friendly 2 points. Slap it on a wheat bun and I had a 4 point sandwich!

That was so good, I thought I'd try it again sans bun and Lawry's. This time I rubbed it down with some Mrs. Dash Garlic and Herb seasoning, but cooked it the same way -- in Olive Oil Spray and H20. To go with it I seasoned up some whole wheat pasta in tomato sauce w/the same spice as well as some garlic toast. It was yummy! AND that whole mean amounted to a measly 6 points!

Tonight I'm going to attempt to cook a POT ROAST! Can you believe it? I feel like a big girl now.

I guess I'm feeling chatty today due to the fact that I've had two days mostly alone in the house due to our recent small-but-effective-in-creatng snow-days-snow. There aint nothing like a snow day...I don't care who you are! I even wake up an hour earlier than normal anticipating the announcement on TV...seeing Hopkins County rolling across the screen gets a big WOO HOO out of me every time! Then I go back to bed for a while and wake up knowing the entire day is mine to do with whatever I please. It's funny, you'd think the weekend would feel that way, but it never does. Maybe because I'm not totally alone...Mark's home on the weekend and we usually go somewhere or have some kind of *something* that has to be done, like cleaning out the garage or some other such junk. But a snow day is all mine...and It's GREAT! So Thursday I spent the day doing a couple of went like this...
Make breakfast around 9:30/10:00
Watch and ep of 24
Do a little laundry.
Watch another ep of 24
Make bed, straighten up, more laundry folding, cleaning out the bill basket, you know junk that always needs to be done that you never do...
Make some lunch(this was pork chop #2, the garlic/herb one)
Watch another ep of 24
Watch yet another ep of 24 because I HAVE TO KNOW what happens next
Fiddle around the house, more laundry
24 again...OK I'm starting to get a bit embarrassed so I'll stop...

So basically that's how I spent my first snow day...watching 24 and doing small amounts of picking up around the house.

Well Kids, got news for 2 wasn't much different! I did spend a good chunk of the morning with HCJ...put in the new cd Oh My Nola and cooked breakfast, then just sat there at the bar and listened for a while and watched the birds & other goings on outside my window. "Life is good"...I said to myself. I did more housecleaning while replaying the new cd...this time the yucky stuff...the floors, dusting, bathrooms, etc. I had a clean house and all the laundry finished by 12:00---good thing 'cause our washing machine died on the last load. We'll be going washing machine shopping this weekend! Back to the clean house, which meant only one thing, MORE 24! I think I watched two or three episodes during the day...I finally had to turn it off...I don't want to give anything away, but a person can only take so many torture scenes before she gives up. Had I been able to, I would have told those guys what they wanted to know just to make it stop! Whew. Intense stuff, that 24. Last night Mom and Dad stopped by for a while and then SHEA called about the TICKETS. THE TICKETS TO HCJ. Yee Haw! He was able to get online and get tickets a day us some seats in the orchestra section so they should be sweet! This new CD is so fantastic that I can hardly wait see/hear it performed live. So once I came off that high I decided I was ready for more 24...watched one more episode...still too heavy and so I switched to the Best of Eddie Murphy SNL dvd and laughed like a lunatic until I was too tired to watch any more. I knew the buckwheat sketch would be on there (Mark & I usually never agree on what's funny but I MADE him watch Buckwheat's greatest hits and he even laughed at Buckwheats rendition of Betty Davis Eyes) I was also counting on James Brown..."Too Hot in the Hot Tub!" for a good laugh, which it delivered, but had COMPLETELY forgotten about Little Richard Simmons! Oh good grief...funny funny funny! Was good to go to bed laughing! So that's how I spent my Snow Days. Productive? Somewhat. Indulgent? Completely!


J. Shea Stanley said...

Well, next up for you on DVD, I hav the First Season of the Beverly Hillbillies burned to disc finally. Sure, it's A LITTLE different in tone than 24, but not much really. I mean Jack Bauer....Jethro Bodine. The parallels are stunning.

I miss snow days. I need snow days. That'd be awesome. BUt alas, no such luck.

Hey, I tried the aluminum foil wrapped oven baked cajun chicken tenders. It was easy as you described. You shouldn't have a problem at all with the pot roast. They is easy.

I made a chocolate pie last night. 1/4 of the pie is 5 points. I can live with that. I also bought a bunch of stuff at the grocery today. I'm still trying to concoct a suitable pizza alternative. The flatbread ones are good, but it's still only barely like eating real pizza.

And, I've got some more kitchen stuff for you if you want. It's actually a smallish appliance.

Watchdog HE bite? Kill ma lanlawd. Kill ma

Kellie Cotton said... took me a minute before I broke into hysterics! That was some good stuff...I wonder whatever happened to funny snl?

Beverly Hillbillies...SWEET!

So did you enjoy the cajun tenders? I'm gonna need to know how to make a pie that I can eat a quarter of and it only take up 5 points!! Just send that on asap! I'm growing tired of ice cream for dessert every night! And you know how much I love ice cream. What about using a tortilla for pizza crust? Too thin? What about that roll out pizza crust in a can? I figure it's the crust that makes pizza high in calories.

Yep, I agree you need a snow day...perhaps you could CALL it a sick day????

Rhonda said...

Oh my at least your snow days were somewhat exciting and productive. I spent my at the Mahr center getting yet a couple more units of blood maybe next time. You just crack me up what is the obsession with reading about other peoples lives that would make one think that hey my life is that cool. You guys have got o quit with the quotes I am so not that cool yet although I did figure out the fee times a lady buckwheat right?

I am feeling Shea's pain with the pizza there has to be some recipe out there for like a wheat crust. Maybe somebody needs to contact Chef Boyrde and get him on the ball. If you can find a wheat recipe that will lowe the calories and possibly put it on the WW map. The regular Chef Boyrdee pizza crust is at least edible and by the time you use some 2% cheese and turkey pepperoni or veggies you can make it work for less points than pizza smut or some of those otherwise delicious, wodnerful, fabulous places that are totally off limits. Okay so that was slightly a run on sentence but who's counting. Keep up the blogs I see one in my future.....

Kellie Cotton said...

Pizza Smut! Too could also call it pizza slut or pizza gut (hey, that's me) maybe pizza rut (we're currently in one) If you've been to pizza smut I'll bet you've also eaten at Crackie Berry and Taco Smell or bought clothing at Doghairs...ever buy groceries at Stinkytown?

Tell those people you would like to keep your own blood and demand that they figure out what the heck is going on...sheesh. We can't have you missing all the fun of snow days not to mention the fun work atmosphere!

I know you thought I was quoting Brittany H., didn't you???

I was hoping you'd jump on the blog-wagon! If you can't blog, you can always"BLAHg" as my sister calls's what I do most times.

OK, I'm off to search the world wide web for low cal pizza crust...