Sunday, February 4, 2007

and he...he himself...the Grinch carved the Roast Beast

at least I think that 's the line. I've only read it a zillion times, you'd think I'd know it by now!

MY roast beef turned out very well. Very Well, indeed. Now some of you will say that the cooking method used for the roast beef is not all that different from my shake-n-baking and George Foremaning; in that I've said it isn't "real" cooking. And it probably isn't, but here's what I've learned so far in this little adventure. If it tastes good in the end, the method doesn't really matter all that much. The point is I am trying something I didn't think I could do and for the most part, it's working out! For me, cooking a roast by ANY method is a big deal. Like frying chicken, I somehow made it to my late 30's without ever cooking a roast!

Being the only carnivore in my house is tricky. I have to cook everything in small amounts lest I eat it for the next month. So I was relatively excited when I happened upon a one pound roast at Kroger last month. I froze it and finally, today mustered (sp?) up the courage to cook the thing. Here's the method...

Buy a Roasting Bag w/seasoning packet from Kroger (Kroger brand)
Place Roast in Bag
Add 1/4 cup of water to the seasoning mix and pour over the roast
Tie up bag, punch a few holes and cook for approximately 1hr. 15min.

Now I did scrub, cut up some red potatoes and tossed those in the bag along with some carrot chips. So I did do a bit of work! It was so easy that I had pretty low expectations of how it was going to taste. To be honest, part of that was due to the above mentioned ease of cooking. The other reason for my reservation was the NON ease of trying to thaw the thing out and have it start cooking during microwave thawing...freaking out and trying to cut off the already cooked portions...even easy isn't easy when you're me! If anyone has mastered the art of microwave defrosting, please share your secret! So anyway, I didn't have the highest of expectations for the meal. Boy was I wrong! It was really tasty! The seasoning and I guess it was the fat from the roast mixed together to make a yummy gravy that gave the whole thing a really good flavor. My only gripe was with the potatoes...I cut them too small...should have quartered or halved them 'cause they came out a bit mushy. Mushy, but delicious nonetheless. So that's my roast beef story! I'll be eating leftovers for a while, so I probably won't try anything else new this week.

I have pictures of several of my recent experiments, but my crappy computer/dial up interet won't even give me the option of loading them in blogger and I'm to tired to keep trying to fight with it, so I'll post those at a later (probably much later) date.

G'night ya'll!


J. Shea Stanley said...

What's cooking these days?

And have you had the Weight Watchers LEMON snack cakes.....mmmmmmm

Kellie Cotton said...

LEMON CAKES...GOOD. Want lemon cakes. to eat!