Monday, March 5, 2007

I fell off the WW Wagon

Sheesh I am a lazy blogger. It's been a month since my last post. Oh well I guess my life is just so busy and exciting that I haven't had the time... ha ha ha ha ha ha. I know you are all rolling on the floor by now. Yep, I'm just lazy (and I still have crappy dial up.)

OK, I didn't really fall off the WW Wagon. JUMPED off would be more accurate. I was rolling along doing very well I thought. And then I sorta stopped. No real reason, just once our BL competition ended at work I guess I took a license to eat everything not nailed down and to stop exercising. This has gone on for the better part of a week now.

I figure the best way to get over it is to just air it out here in this public forum for the world -- or at most five people -- to read. So now you know. I have figured out that WW only works for me when I track. The minute I stop writing down what I eat, I might as well give it up. It's like I didn't even eat that half of a pizza if I don't write it down. And if I didn't eat a half a pizza it certainly won't hurt if I drink 3 or 4 regular Cokes!!! Good Grief! NO self control.

But now that I have come clean, it'll be easier to start back. So, ya'll are my witnesses...tomorrow I start exercising, get back on WW and TRACKING every bite!

I had really hoped to get to my goal weight before my birthday. I'm 41 pounds from there (considering this post week didn't push me FARTHER away). That's a lot of poundage in just five months.

But I'm going to try...with everyone else in the family doing it, I can't stop now. Mom, Dad and Shea and even Jackie who's a stick anyway are all losing wieght and sticking to it. Heck, Shea exercises his butt off, so the least I can do is a 45min. dvd every day and take ten seconds to write down what I eat! OK, I'm sufficiently fired up now!!

...and since it's been a while...

Brian Regan was funny. Pee in your pants and laugh like Ernie from Sesame Street funny.

TEN DAYS to Harry Connick Jr. CAN'T WAIT can't wait can't wait.

The other thing I can't wait for is for Jackie and Scott to come home. I miss them terribly!

I COOKED RECENTLY! Try this for some "it so good you'll smack yo' mama" chicken. 30min. marinade (I think it's Lawry's or McCormick) in the Chipotle and Lime variety. Marinade for 30 or more min. Slap on the grill (or for the grill challenged such as myself, on the George Foreman). I had it with homemade baked tortilla chips and salsa. Mmmm Mmmmm Good.



J. Shea Stanley said...

I've fallen off the wagon a bit, kinda more or less being dragged (right word?!!?!?!) behind like that scene in Sleepy Hollow where the headless horseman is grasping with all his might, trying to pull himself up.
I didn't lose anything at all for like 3 weeks, when I was SERIOUSLY working out and staying on the diet hard. THen last week I slacked, used ALL my bonus points and probably went a couple point over my weekly, slacked to one daily workout, and I lost 5 lbs between Sunday and Monday. I just don't understand!!Sheesh!

Trying to tighten back up on the points this week. WE'll see how it goes.

Kellie Cotton said...

well, hey at least YOU lost! I've gained 2.5 pounds in a week!!! BUT I am writing everything down again and so I am not eating as much, but I'm having a hard time getting back on the exercise part. Turbo Jam is hard. Even harder after you skip a week!