Monday, March 19, 2007

CDs in my car CD changer...

In case you're wondering.

1. Sting--Dream of the Blue Turtles
2. Jersey Boys Broadway Soundtrack
3. Barenaked Ladies--Rock Spectacle
4. 13 Going on 30 Soundtrack
5. CD of random 70's & 80's tunes I pulled from Bryan's iTunes
6. Harry Connick Jr. -- Come by Me

Bonus points if you can guess which one has been in the changer since we got the Jeep back before's also the CD I sing along to the loudest and most obnoxiously! Garantee that one of these six will probably still be in there in three more months. I get stuck on something and it takes a while for me to want move on to something new.


Scott and Jackie said...

Rock Spectacle!

(Am I right??)

That's the one I would jam to the most. :)

Or...Come by me is a fave...but not exactly "sing at the top of your lungs kinda song." Rock Spectacle is full of good obnoxiously loud singing opportunities. :)

J. Shea Stanley said...

I'm going to guess Jersey Boys. Just a hunch.

Kellie Cotton said...

You know it....
"sher-er-eeer-eerereriie bay yay beee!!!" "he said it...walk like a like a man...walk like a man my so-u-u-n". I could go on and on.

OK Jackie...Shea can back up the fact that I turned to him at one point during the concert and said "ha ha ha jackie is missing's almost as much fun as telling her we're going to Kmart!" NO NO, what I said was "I HATE it that Jackie is missing this". So even though you didn't get to go-la we missed you and we were thinking about you (and Scott).