Sunday, July 6, 2008


I'm leaving for Eastern Europe one week from today! I'm not ready...I mean I'm ready as in so excited that I can barely stand it, but not ready as far as my house being in order(I don't like to leave home w/a house in disarray!) or having my packing planned.

Thanks to these two (and my dorky self doubt), I am having trouble deciding on what to wear(or what not to wear) on my trip. My sis tells me it will be HOT, so lightweight clothes are a must. Being a size chubby, however, means no shorts for me, only capris and skirts will do. Most of my stuff would likely fit in the "not" category if Stacey & Clinton had anything to say about it, but I have purchased some new tops. I just can't seem to put them together with anything in my closet! Frustrating! If I have time I may post some of my options later and beg for guidance.

I've shared the video of the lovely city of Vienna, Austria with you. Today I want to share Wroclaw, Poland. This is the city that my sister & her hubby call home and where I will be spending most of my time.

Notice all the gnomes in the video? Read about them here. You might also notice many photos of bridges, the city is situated on 12 islands connected by 112 bridges. I'm certain that it will be even more beautiful in person!

Now, I'm off to pick up a new digital camera! I've decided I might be better off to take lots photos than try to stuff all the souvenirs in Eastern Europe in my suitcase. Don't get me wrong...I plan to shop. Oh yes, shopping will be done!

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Birdie said...

I LOVE WHAT Not To WEAR!!!! I hope you found something to pack *laugh*