Monday, October 6, 2008

Aprons Again...Finally!

I was absent from blogland last week. Part of that time was spent freaking out about a presentation that I was a co-presenter in at the annual Kentucky Library Association conference. I survived, thank you. Part of that time was spent trying to get my house in order, I sorta did. And part of that time was spent working on getting some aprons made.

This one I made for a giveaway over on Thoughts from an Evil Overlord. But as I am a procrastinator extraordinare, I didn't get it to her in time for the Sunday post. I hope she can still use it; perhaps for a later giveaway...or as an extra. It's similar to the patchwork aprons I've made in the past but with a bit more patchwork. I think I like it and I will say that I love the lemon/lime fabric...I've used it before.This one, I made for the shop(a while back)...which I hope to have up and running again soon.This one is also for the shop...This one I made for ME...I realize it looks all twisty on the mannie...I was trying to be clever and put her invisible hand in the pocket and it doesn't look as cute as I imagined it would. . I've had this fabric for a year now and was waiting to use it on just such a project. I'm happy to have finally worked up the nerve to try a smock apron. AND I even made a buttonhole! WooHoo!

And finally, this one...OK, opinion please. Pocket or no pocket? I'm afraid a pocket will detract from the gosh darn adorable pattern on the skirt. I think of this one more as a hostess know...for looking cute. Does a hostess apron really need a pocket?

This week my plan is to cut out and make a couple more aprons...and at least one of them will be a Smurfy apron!


Anonymous said...

Holy bat turds, Robin!!
that last one is SWELL!!!

And, did someone say Smurfy????
:-) :-)
:-) :-)

Bonnie D. said...

Adorable aprons! I vote no pocket.

Monique said...

CUTE aprons! I love that last one, and it certainly doesn't have to have a pocket, it's adorable just the way it is! Have a great day!

Yarni Gras! said...

NO pocket........they are all great but I'm partial to kitties that eat in a malt shop.

Her Shabbyness: Sweet 'n Southern said...

How cute!! I love. Way to go on surviving a presentation!!

Birdie said...

LOVE the cafe scene - definitely no pocket!