Sunday, April 12, 2009

FIESTA! Apron Swap

A while ago I joined Val's Hot Mama Apron Swap. The theme this time around was FIESTA! Such a fun theme for which I found the most fun fabric! My partner requested a full apron, and this was the final result.I didn't photograph it, but I also sent along a fun vintage Mexican themed tea towel, a Mexican cookbook and my recipe for Cowboy Caviar. I hope she likes everything!

And what, you ask, did I receive? I got THIS! It is incredible, is it not? I absolutely love it! LOVE. IT. Check out the appliqué work. Amazing! I feel so festive wearing this apron! I also received a matching tea towel that is currently residing in the laundry basket(hence the lack of photo). Thanks so much to Rhonda!



Anonymous said...

Such fun aprons! I just thrifted the best apron and so I HAVE to do an apron post this week. And FINALLY I will get off my lazy butt and brag about the 2 beautiful aprons you sent me. I wear my craft fair apron with pride and the kitchen apron is so pretty I try so hard not to get it dirty and wipe my hands on my jeans instead LOL.

Yarni Gras! said...

both aprons are WONDERFUL!