Sunday, April 19, 2009

I've been a bad blogger...

Really, I have. I haven't been blogging and I haven't been reading many blogs lately...and I miss it. I'm out of the creative loop. I'm missing out on crafty projects, new and interesting fabrics, the hot new craft/sewing books, yummy recipes to try. And when I don't read about all these things, I find that I don't do them.

And most importantly, I haven't a notion of what many of my bloggy friends have been up to lately. That's what I've missed about blogging the most...making new friends and keeping up w/those folks I've met through blogging that I've come to call friends.

SO, I'm back. It'll take me a while to catch up w/everyone and I may only post once per week, but I'm not ready to move away from Bloggyville just yet! However, if I could move farther away from Facebook Town, my productivity overall would increase by leaps and bounds.

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Misty said...

i've been in a blogging bind myself these days... i've been busy reading others' blogs, sort of, but not posting so much on my own! i do see your FB statuses (stati? :) tho so i don't feel tooo out of the loop! love your fabric choices for 20 quilt... gor-juss!!! i'm about to buy fabric for my first quilt today, wahoo! i've missed seeing you around!! welcome back