Friday, April 24, 2009

Turning Twenty Progress

I'm making progress on the Turning Twenty Quilt! Here's a look at what I've managed to complete thus far. Spending Saturday at the flea market, so I'm not sure how much I'll get done this weekend. Despite some cutting snafus, it's been fairly simple and quick.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Turning Twenty Quilt

These are examples of a Turning Twenty Quilt.
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I've been obsessed with making one for some time now. Following this pattern, I'll have a nice big quilt that really showcases my fabrics and uses just 20(or 12, or 16) fat quarters to their full potential...nearly no waste at all the way the FQ are cut. And I love that it uses large cuts of the fabric to really show off a print. I'm so excited to try it!

I've been waiting a month for the pattern to come in at my local quilt shop. Yeah, I could have ordered it online and received it within a week, but I really do want to support the shop as much as I can, so I waited.

Now that the pattern has arrived, I'll be using some fabulous Heather Ross fabrics called Mendocino to make this quilt. I bought these from this Etsy seller(the local shop doesn't carry them). I am in love love love with this pattern and the way these fabrics feel. Rather than 20 different fabrics, I'm using 10 half yards that I'll cut down into FQs, so I'll have a repeat. I wanted to use as much of this fabric as possible in the quilt...the gold & solid orange are the only fabrics that aren't part of the line....debating which of those to use...If this quilt turns out well....and I have high hopes that it will...I would really like to have it professionally quilted.

I'll continue to post as it progresses!

I've been a bad blogger...

Really, I have. I haven't been blogging and I haven't been reading many blogs lately...and I miss it. I'm out of the creative loop. I'm missing out on crafty projects, new and interesting fabrics, the hot new craft/sewing books, yummy recipes to try. And when I don't read about all these things, I find that I don't do them.

And most importantly, I haven't a notion of what many of my bloggy friends have been up to lately. That's what I've missed about blogging the most...making new friends and keeping up w/those folks I've met through blogging that I've come to call friends.

SO, I'm back. It'll take me a while to catch up w/everyone and I may only post once per week, but I'm not ready to move away from Bloggyville just yet! However, if I could move farther away from Facebook Town, my productivity overall would increase by leaps and bounds.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


To my little sis Jackie, whom I adore!

FIESTA! Apron Swap

A while ago I joined Val's Hot Mama Apron Swap. The theme this time around was FIESTA! Such a fun theme for which I found the most fun fabric! My partner requested a full apron, and this was the final result.I didn't photograph it, but I also sent along a fun vintage Mexican themed tea towel, a Mexican cookbook and my recipe for Cowboy Caviar. I hope she likes everything!

And what, you ask, did I receive? I got THIS! It is incredible, is it not? I absolutely love it! LOVE. IT. Check out the appliqué work. Amazing! I feel so festive wearing this apron! I also received a matching tea towel that is currently residing in the laundry basket(hence the lack of photo). Thanks so much to Rhonda!