Sunday, November 28, 2010

This year, I decked the table.

This year, instead of decking halls, I decked the kitchen table.

 I have good reasons, however....

1. Trixie. Despite appearing laid back in this photo, she is a fiesty little devil who decided to take down our Christmas tree not once, but three times the last time I put it up.

2. Our Goat-dog. Oh, don't let that adorable face fool you. This dog is bent on destruction and will eat and/or drag off anything not nailed down.

This is the lovely white tree that I was so proud of. Then the cat climbed it and knocked it over. Three times. Fearing it's highly unstable(and since about half the ornaments were broken), I decided not to put it up this year. Sadly, I missed out on the after Christmas tree deals last year and don't have a replacement  for it. This photo was taken after putting it back up for the third time and moving the ornaments from the back side to the front to replace the ones that were broken.

And then there's this. My coveted aluminum 50's Christmas tree.

I adore it! But the dog is still much too destructive to be trusted around it, so I'm holding off on putting it up till next Christmas. Surely she will be calmed down by then...and I will have made a lovely retro tree skirt for it as well.

So instead of two fun and funky trees, my Christmas decorating this year consists of a sparse but shiny aluminum Charlie Brown(ish) tree and a tablecloth.

And I'm OK with that. Christmas spirit isn't really found in the trees and trimmings, anyway. It's the Christmas spirit inside us that really counts.


Jeanne said...

Nice! Maybe kitty and goat dog are not quite understanding the Christmas "spirit" idea. Perhaps you should read "Twas the Night Before Christmas" to them. The table looks great though. Use to have one of those aluminum trees too.

mab said...

Two toddlers and a tiny apartment = our 3 foot tree is on top of the portable dishwasher! So... whenever we've filled it and are ready to wash a load, we unplug the tree and roll the dishwasher/tree up to the sink to wash our dishes. I wonder if our girls think this is normal....?

val said...

haha! We've had Christmases like those but like you said, it is the holiday spirit that is important!

Anonymous said...

with that insane cat (mine is crazy too) and that way too adorable dog, who needs decorations?

oh man, seeing your doggie makes me want one JUST LIKE THAT!