Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cabin Fever

I've been snowed in for four days!  And I've done relatively little in those four days. It's been a Jabba the Hut kinda week for me, actually.  In the midst of all that Jabbaness, there were a few moments when I managed to drag myself away from the couch(or let's be real, the computer) and be at least a little productive.

I started making these scrappy/wonky log cabin blocks waaaay back in October  of 2008. It was around the time I started quilting. They were fun and easy, and I'd make them up when I wanted to sew but didn't really want to work on a project. I'd pull them out every once in a while and make  2-3 at a time. Since these were wild log cabin blocks, I decided to fussy cut something for the centers, rather than use a traditional red or yellow center square. I realized a couple weeks ago that I'd finished enough for a lap  quilt.

The first blocks are here.  A few more are posted here. And here are some made more recently.

So despite the bajillion other UFOs in my closet, I began arranging these on my tablecloth stuck to the wall design wall. 

A few days ago I started adding the sashing strips to each block and last night I managed to get all the rows joined. I don't know how it happened, but none of these wanted to match up, despite the fact that I cut all the blocks 6.5" and all the sashing strips 2.5".  I still ended up with rows that didn't match at all.  I tried to take rows in(not my best idea ever), which resulted in my quilt shrinking at the bottom. Weird--or not since taking them up screwed w/what little bit of math reasoning I used. Why do they have to ruin quilting by making me use Math, btw?  Hopefully, I can just trim the sides to even it up a bit more.

So now, I'm left with how to finish the top. This one is going to be mine---for lounging on the couch. It's plenty long enough but not quite wide enough for proper snuggling under. Trying to decide if I want to border the whole thing or just add strips to the side to get it to a width I like.

That will be a project for another day. As a good friend of mine likes to joke, "If the health department were to come to my house, they'd shut us down!" so, I have got to stop quilting/facebooking/blogging and do some cleaning! Hopefully my next post will include a finished quilt top.


Barb said...

Your quilt is turning out wonderfully!!

Anonymous said...

Oh those squares are SO CUTE and FUN!!
I love that....wonky pattern. I don't know what it's called.
Anyway, when it comes to quilts coming out all nice and rectangular Mine NEVER do. pbththt.

Dude, I am SO ready for Spring. I like snow, but...these snow days are driving me cuh-razy.

Paige from Sew Bee Wonky said...

Looks great so far! I love scrappy quilts!