Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hoppy Baby Quilt

Finished up my second quilt project of 2011!  I didn't blog it as process posts since it was a gift, but I started this baby quilt in October or November. I thought it might take me a couple weekends to finish even though Fons and Porters said "you can make this quilt in an afternoon" in the pattern description. Liars.  I finished it mid January!

Here's a pre quilting and pre washing look at the blocks and the back:

Loved doing my own thing and piecing the letters for the back!
This one had more small pieces and required much more seam alignment than anything I've tried before. The thing that really made this quilt difficult? Me. I tend to get in a hurry, am easily flustered,  get ahead of myself, and as a result I often spend more time unsewing than sewing.  I learn something new everytime I finish a quilt, so I think if I were to try this pattern again, it'd go much faster. But I'm'll be the only one of it's kind(made by me, anyway). 

It was a gift for our niece, her husband, and their sweet brand new baby girl. The time spent was completely worthwhile! 
Warm and crinkly, right out of the dryer.

Despite some mismatched seams and wonky quilting, I'm pleased overall with the way it turned out and I hope the precious Miss Abagail will enjoy snuggling up with it.

Pattern is Phoebe from the Fall 2009 issue of Easy Quilts. There is a free download here for members of the Fons & Porters website(also free to join).


Tracy said...

It is an adorable quilt. :) Abagail will love it for years to come. :)

Anonymous said...

Not just Abagail the whole family loves it. It is beautiful as the person that made it. Love you Kellie. Glad you got to come to the house.


C. Michele said...

great job!