Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Eggs in a Nest

So tonight I came home from work around 5:00 or so and decided I was hungry. I almost poured a bowl of corn pops and then changed my mind at the last minute in favor of trying another recipe. I've scrambled many many many eggs before, so this wasn't a scary recipe. But it sounded really tasty, and it turned out to TASTE really tasty too!

Eggs in a nest from Sandra Lee Semi-Homeade cooking. Basically this is what it amounted to:
Spray pam in a small baking cup
Scramble 1-2 eggs with some pepper and Lowry's seasoned salt.
Butter one side of a piece of bread
Lay the bread in the dish, butter side up.
Add a spoonful of cheezwhiz on top of the bread
Scramble the eggs till just set
Spoon them over the bread & top w/another spoonful of cheez whiz
Bake for 5-6min.

It was yummy. I wish I'd have had the wheat bread the recipe called for and next time I think I'll lay off the cheese a bit. All in all, this one is a keeper. And really, it wasn't that much more trouble than a bowl of cereal would have been.

Ya'll be sure to check back this weekend. I'm going to try my hand at chicken again! This time I'll be using my friend Cara's recipe for chicken and spaghetti. She swears it's easy.


Scott and Jackie said...

Here ya go! Here's an easy recipe for potato soup...homemade potato soup! :) You've gotta actually cut & boil some potatoes though...no instant stuff here. But it's GREAT! Okay so:
(Potatoes here are TINY so I have to cut and peel like 15 or 20...but you can get bigger ones there so you'll need less)
What You'll Need:

*5-6 good sized potatoes
*Chicken OR Vegetable bouillon cube (this stuff comes in VERY handy for easy soups...guess you could use a can of chicken stock...but I bet this tastes better)
*1 small onion (for taste)
*1 carrot

What to do:
*Peel & cut potatoes into small pieces: takes less time to boil
*Throw them in a medium or large pot & boil until you can cut through them with a fork or until they just start to break apart...may take 10-15 minutes
*Make sure to DRAIN most of the water out of the potatoes after they've cooked.

In the meantime:
*Take a small saucepan & pour in 1 & 1/2 to 2 cups of water
*Place bouillon cube & onion (cut up) into pan & simmer - stirring occasionally
*Shred carrot (I use a grater) up into the saucepan as well

*After the potatoes are finished, mash with preferable a "potato masher" but if you don't have one, a fork or wooden spoon would probably work just as well...just mash! :)
*Throw in about 2 good spoonfuls of butter
*Now, pour in your vegetable or chicken stock into the potatoes. (I usually take the onion back out...yuck...I only use it to add some flavor)
*Stir around a bit
*Now add milk (probably at least a cup) or until soup is as thin or thick as you want it.

This recipe is easy to play with...sometimes I put too much butter so be careful of that. I've never measured anything out...but like I said, once you do it once, it's easy to remember.

To top it off:
Add shredded cheese...we use Gouda b/c that all we can get. :)
And crush up some RITZ crackers in the bowl! YYUUUMMYY!!

That's good eatin'! Fills you up too!

Let me know! The most annoying part is cutting & peeling the potatoes & waiting for them to cook.

Love you!!!

Scott and Jackie said...

Some more tips incase you wonder:

If you don't think it looks like enough potatoes...add more! :) This keeps really well too...if you need to reheat..just add a touch more milk so it's not too dry. I reheat on the stove...cause I don't have a microwave. :)

Just use 1 bouillon cube

If you just cut the onion into big pieces, it's easier to get out! :)

I just realized I made a few typos on my recipe...like putting "preferable" instead of "preferably" and grate the carrot "up"?? Just grate the carrot. :)

Kellie Cotton said...

Thanks ya'll! I think I can do this. Just gotta get that tater mashin' down. I'll let you know when I try it! Love you guys!