Friday, December 8, 2006

Now this COOKED

Last night I had the absolute pleasure to be a part of the Brian Setzer Orchestra's Christmas Extravaganza. WOW. What a show.I expected it to be good, great, fantastic even, but it SOOOOOO surpassed my expectations! It was possibly the best concert I've been to...and I've had front row tickets to my all time favorite performer, Harry Connick Jr AND I've seen my other teenage years idols, Duran Duran live too. So that should tell you something!

Anyway, I've been a huge fan of Brian Setzer's music since high school (the days of the Stray Cats). I used to tape their videos on Friday Night videos back before we had MTV and I'd watch them over and over. Gotta Get A Cadillac was my favorite video, in case you're intersted. Anway, I played the rant and rave cd endlessly. I've always loved that 50's sound and everything associated with that era fascinates me still...I guess that was what got me started on them. I loved the music and the cats were, well they were cool! When Brian Setzer struck out on his own, I got that cassette too, The Knife Feels Like Justice, and I think I wore it out. Thanks to Shea, have had a steady stream of Brain Setzer and Stray Cats cd's supplied ever since.I I have copies of all the BSO cd's and never tire of listening to those.

And I got to see/hear it all last night. FROM THE SIXTH ROW at the Ryman. Could not have asked for better seats! Several standing O's during the night. The Christmas music was outstanding and they played some old Stray Cats stuff as well as some of Setzer's trio numbers. Some of faves were Sleigh Ride, Jump Jive and Wail--which was flat out great, Hey Santa, Red Hot, Fishnet Stockings, let's see there was a guitar duel between Brian and the Grinch, snow falling from the ceiling, Sexy and 17, the Nutcracker Suite...oh heck, who I am kidding they were ALL favorites! There was not a dull moment all night! I don't think I sat still for more than five minutes as a time the who night! Everyone had a great time...Shea was rockin'! Mom and Dad thourougly enjoyed themselves and I KNOW Bryan was there with us, loving every minute...he wouldn't have missed a show like that! I haven't had this much fun since we all went to Brian Regan! Just Outstanding. Thanks Shea, for bringing the Christmas Spirit to us this year! I owe you for this one! I'm sure Shea will post the rundown in detail on his blog, so check it out! Next time we'll get back to the food.


J. Shea Stanley said...

I found a 2 Disc BSO Live! album I don't have..or DIDN"T have..heh. I'll hook you up! I think if I take some vacation time, I maybe could make it to at least one other show...hmmmm....


Kellie Cotton said...

sweet! and if you decide to do that, let me know. I might just be be feeling "sick" that day!