Friday, December 29, 2006

Well everyone, Christmas has come and gone this year and I survived my first ever attempt at Christmas dinner. It actually turned out OK. Probablly not the best CD my family has ever had, but they were all very complimentary and are so wonderful they would have said it was great had it tasted like gravel. But they didn't have to tell me that, because, darn it, I did alright! I should thank my friend Trish for telling me the proper way to "doctor" baked beans and the secret coleslaw recipe that was so easy even I could make it. She even told me which brand of corn to buy--Sam's Supersweet(it was quite yummy and will now be my corn of choice). So Thanks Trish! By the way, did anyone besides me NOT know that there were 312,000 varieties of Baked Beans available? THAT caused a slight panic attack...barbeque? country style? homestyle? brown sugar? aaaaarrrrggghhh! I went with the barbeque. They were pretty yummy enough after "doctoring" but next time I'm going to go with a differnt variety. In addition to the corn, bb, and coleslaw, I made roasted red potatoes, a weird cold vegetable salad of corn, pimentos, peas and green beans in a vinegar/sugar sauce/juice/whatever you call it for Mark--he liked it but I don't think anyone else even attempted a taste of it and I don't blame 'em--blech! I revamped the mac and cheese recipe and this time, it was much better. The recipe is somewhere recommendation is DON'T use sharp cheddar cheese. This time I used a cheddar jack blend and added some velveeta in with it. It was better, still not perfected, however. I made some of the King's cornbread...see previous post for the delicious recipe. And for dessert I used my new favorite cookbook once again for a Chocolate Eclair and "Paradise Hawaiian Style Pina Colada Cake". That PCC was good eatin' and you can't go wrong with an eclair, ever. Too many days have passed now for a complete rundown, but it all went fine and I'm slightly ashamed of myself for waiting this long to do it.

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