Thursday, August 23, 2007

So many little time!

There are SO many things I want to try and make. My head spins at the thought! I've acquired quite the nice little collection of books chock' full of lovely and fun sewing projects. If I didn't have to go to work to help pay for food, shelter, clothing and transportation, I might just get them all made. DANG JOB. DANG NECESSITIES OF LIFE.

Here they project books and a few of the projects I'm itching to try out...
Of course there's Bend the Rules Sewing. I've gushed over this one enough, however, there really are more projects in this book I want to try. Same goes for this book. Oh! The creatures I could create!

I found these two on clearance for 7 bucks at Wal-Mart. Several cute ideas and the Learn to sew title has some good basic info. for beginners.

I also recently came into possession of this book and am anxious to try the sheep doll.It will be a while before I'm ready to use it, but when I bought Sock and Glove I also bought this one. Maybe I'll try it out Christmas break!

For my birthday a few weeks ago, Mark got me a cake & other treats cookbook and The Cute Book. Yes, I want to make things from both! Especially the little terrier from the Cute Book.

Shea got me an Amazon gift card for my birthday with which I purchased these two books that I have been wishing for! How I love!
This one has some extremely cool and hopefully simple (as the title implies)sewing projects.
This one is delightful and lovely and it makes me happy just thumbing through! I want to make each and every toy in it, but especially this one! Oh, how I wish there were some children in our family to make toys for! Brother? Sister? are you listening???

And finally...I've had this book for a while but it scares me. These projects are sooooo unbelievably wonderful and kooky! But they look decidedly complicated and I know it's just a sock, but I don't want to start, make a mess and give up entirely! Of course I would love to just commission a stupid sock creature from the artist, but I don't have the dough to do it! ANyhow, these are on my Someday list.So, you ask, what am I currently working on? I would love to make the Jolly Pirate, but instead I am making thebears in waistcoats from Toys to Sew. I saw some finished ones over on BBs blog and wanted to give these a try before moving on to any of the more complicated toys. I hope I don't regret it, but I started with fleece instead of the felt called for in the book. We all remember the horror of the last time I did that, but I think these little guys will turn out OK. My progress thus far... I'm on my way to the couch to park it for a while, watch Earl and the Office whilst I stitch faces on bears!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your books. They all look great.
Did your kids know you ended up posting that photo on your blog?
ha ha ha

Kellie said...

No problem! I just hope I can eventually make at least one thing from each! No, my sis and her husband don't know...unless they've read the blog without leaving me a comment and SURELY they wouldn't do that! :)

jrb said...

So one day I was reading my friend's blog and then I read one of her comments which led me to another person and another blog and another person and.....well somewhere in the mess I ran across your blog! Anyway, I stuck around because I am also a teacher in KY and am learning to sew. I've been sewing for years (I'm 5'2" and need a lot of hemming) but now want to attempt to do it CORRECTLY. Maybe even follow a pattern? I have the Amy Butler In Stiches book and it is supposed to be very similar to the Jansdotter book you found. Unfortunately most of the instructions are still way over my head, but I'm hoping you'll inspire me. Thanks for letting me ramble.

*BB* said...

Those teddy bears are such a fun way to begin with something simple! I've made them with flannel too and they're really soft and lovely.