Saturday, June 14, 2008

A bloggy diet...and a European vacation...

I've decided to take a bloggy break for a week. School's been out for two weeks and I've accomplished squat. Frankly, I'm a bit ill w/myself. I feel as if I've spent more time online reading about other peoples lives than I have living my own.

SO a week to get myself back together and in a good routine. My routine as of late hasn't been much more than get out of bed, get online, eat, get back online, eat some more, etc.

Hopefully this little break will get me in the frame of mind to be more active and productive w/my time. Not that I don't enjoy reading your blogs and blogging myself...I soooo do...but as I said, I am spending waaaay too many hours per day sitting in front of a computer screen.

So....I'm on a bloggy diet(hopefully I'll stick to it better than I do a real diet).

I've got one post scheduled to go up tomorrow(for Father's Day) and a flashback scheduled for Friday but other than that, you probably won't be hearing from me. I will be checking my email, however, so don't let any fabulous giveaways pass me by, ok?

While I'm on my bloggy hiatus, feel free to check out some of the cities I will be visiting on my fabulous and exciting European trip! I leave in four weeks people! FOUR! Ack!

I will be visiting Wroclaw, Poland where my sister lives. I'm so excited that she'll get to share her home of two years with me! There's a Wroclaw guide here and there is another one here. While I'm there, we will also be visiting the beautiful cities of Prague. and Vienna. No definite plans right now other than that. My only requests(besides Prague and Vienna) were a flea market...a European flea market just sounds so...ummm, European! And a castle, I've always wanted to visit a castle. Anything else we do is just icing on the cake as far as I'm concerned! I will keep you posted on the countdown to Europe as I learn more about what are plans are.

Alright ya'll, I'm gonna go get busy!


Scott and Jackie Newman said...


Anonymous said...

I can totally understand why you need to go on a bloggy diet. It gets that way for me too. My kids think I'm on the net allllll the time. I get nothing else done.
ONLY FOUR WEEKS !!!! Wow! I hope we hear about your excitement before then.
Enjoy your holiday, chat again soon Hugs Fiona xx

Kel Luvs Pink said...

I hope you will blog while you are in Europe so we can see everything that you are up too. My little sister Geena is in Spain right now and I love reading her blog (no pics yet) to keep up.

Anonymous said...

I'm oh, so...happy for you!
Have fun, friend. Have a little extra fun for me!!