Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ah, Vienna...

While I enjoyed and was blown away by every place we visited in Central Europe, I must say that if I could only visit one of those cities again, it would be Vienna. Both old and new, quaint and metropolitan, relaxing and exciting, it is truly an incredible city.

Here are some random impressions a month later. Why did I not keep a journal while I was traveling??? Anyways...
  • The city was extremely clean and neat and orderly.
  • We were out fairly late and rode on the subway quite often and I never once got a creepy or unsafe feeling. I get those feeling in the parking lot at WalMart here at home.
  • I did a lot of people watching on the subways and I think(or perhaps want to think) I was pretty good at distinguishing folks from Vienna vs. the German folk and tourists. Austrian people are pretty people y'all.
  • GREAT food!
  • Expensive. Expensive. Expensive.
  • Cultural experiences are literally around every corner.
  • Some of the most beautiful architecture I've ever seen was in Vienna.
  • A day and a half is not nearly enough time to experience this marvelous city.
Despite the fact that ours was a whirlwind tour and we saw only a fraction of the city, I was completely taken in by Vienna and if I could, I'd be back there tomorrow.

Now, for some photos. Waaaay too many to photoshop and straighten. Just tilt your head slightly if they look a little crooked.

This is one of my favorite photos...I have no idea what this building is, it looks like a hotel to me...we were waiting to catch the bus that goes around the Ringstrasse when I snapped it.A film festival was going on while we were there. We meant to go back and catch a least a bit of it but got completely distracted by the Wurstelprater. Which was AWESOME. Photos to come...
Parliament building. Absolutely gorgeous.

Taking a break from sightseeing on the Parliament stairs.

One of Vienna's most famous residents. When I make it back to Vienna, I'd love to visit the home of Mozart.Speaking of Mozart...Jackie and I had a full body shiver inducing conversation w/a creepy man who was most likely NOT Viennese(dark skin, dark hair, dark eyes) in a Mozart costume outside the Vienna Opera House. His wife(also dressed as Mozart) was equally creepy. I won't go into details but let's just say this guy was into "open marriage". Blech...there I go full body shivering again. Let's get that whole scenario out of our mind w/a nice photo of the four of us as we approached a palace, shall we...OK. That's enough for one post. I have a ton more photos from Vienna, but I'll save those for another day.


Her Shabbyness: Sweet 'n Southern said...

I would LOVE to go to Vienna. It looks even more beautiful than I would have imagined. Lucky duck!

Anonymous said...

for some reason,I'm surprised that it was so clean!

Have you seen Before Sunrise?
It's set in Vienna.

Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpri sp?

Oh, I want to go soooooooooo bad!!!

I bet the creepy guy was French...tee hee.