Monday, August 4, 2008


Has it really been a month since I left for Europe? Wow. Getting back in a routine has been even harder than I imagined. I should have planned to be back at home for at least a full week before heading back to work, rather than two days. I had hoped to post photos of the trip and stories before now!

And sewing? crafting? cooking? housework? What's that? During the week my days consist of work and my evenings consist of getting home between 3:30-5:00 on any given day, falling onto the couch for an hour or two and going to bed. My weekends. Uh. more couch inhabitation.

That's it. My exciting post European/back to the real world life. Although I did walk more in the 16 days I was there than in my entire life, the real world is much more exhausting, y'all!

So, let's get to the world of my exciting European travels, shall we?

During my first week in Europe, we(Jack, Scott, Blake & I) went on a whirlwind trip. Our first stop, Krakow. Once the capital of Poland, Krakow is a beautiful city rich with Polish history. I could ramble on forever about how beautiful the city was and how much I enjoyed our time there, but instead, I'll share some photos. Photos which pale in comparison to the actual beauty and awe of being there. Apologies in advance for the "I'm too lazy to crop, lighten or straighten them" photos.

One of my favorite places we visited while in Krakow was Wawel Castle. We walk around the grounds for the better part of the afternoon.
In my next post I'll share some photos from Smocza Jama at Wawel Castle. It was so much fun, especially for a gal whose imagination tends to run wild!


val said...

those photos are just breath taking!
I love the first one with the flowers.....
The architecture.......just amazing...the craftsmanship. Makes our 'skyscrapers' look like crap.

Patty said...

Yay! I'm glad to see you blogging and I love your pictures! Of course, I had to enlarge the food one. Are those bagels?

Birdie said...

wow! thanks for the pics of the vacay! that was awesome!

Her Shabbyness: Sweet 'n Southern said...

How beautiful. I'm so glad you had fun! The pictures are gorgeous. Can't wait to see the rest.

Anonymous said...

awesome pics, no cropping needed.

Did you do any tours of the concentration camps?