Sunday, August 31, 2008

She sews! OK, she sews sheety stuff, but she still sews!

I decided today that it was time to fire up the sewing machine once more. It has been over two months since I've attempted a sewing project after all!

My project of choice...this skirt, made using the instructions in the book Sew What Skirts!
I'm fairly pleased w/the outcome, but really I doubt that I'll ever wear this skirt anywhere in public. It is a piece of sheet after all. Here's a closer look:
A while back I got really excited over a post over on Lisa's blog about a sheety skirt that she made. Lisa's turned out totally cute and it fit her very well. Inspired, I started looking for old sheets immediately. I found this one at a local thrift store for 50 cents(I also found a SMURF sheet...Smurfy apron anyone?) and it's been patiently waiting since then to become a skirt.

My sheety skirt fits kinda funky. Either it's too big or the elastic waist made everything waaaay too bunchy right under the waistband. I can't really tell what the problem just doesn't look right, ya know.

I've made one other skirt which also has a funky elastic waist, but overall is cuter and more flattering than the sheet skirt. Perhaps I do better w/a premade pattern than trying it on my own. I'm still going to try again...especially if I can find some more 50 cent sheets!

Hmmm. Now I'm wondering what other sheety projects I could make...Any ideas?

***6p.m. addition***I was showing Mark the skirt(I'm still wearing it) and discussing it's ill fitting nature (like he would care) when he said...and I'm not making this up..."It's cute, though". In 20 years he's never said any of my clothes were cute. This sheety skirt however, he thinks is cute! Hilarious!


Anonymous said...

I totally dig the sheety skirt.
Mark is right.

Wear it, dude.

I was thinking of making a skirt out of a table cloth. ???

smurf apron? YES, please!!

Angie said...

Oh man -- that is TOO cute! I would definitely wear it!

Ginny said...

It is very pretty. Going by the picture, you should wear it out, very cute! Not sure if you could tell it was a sheet in person, but in the pic you cannot. Heck even if you can tell, you'd probably get tons of compliments!

Misty said...

LOVE IT!!! i'd so wear that skirt. if i wore skirts, which i'm trying to get better at! LOL!

Patty said...

Mark is right -- it IS cute.

val said...

It really IS cute. You are being hard on yourself. Maybe we ALL need a little sheety skirt.
I for one, vote for the smurf apron!
Smurfs rock. Anyone that lives in a mushroom is okay by me :-)