Sunday, February 7, 2010


Well, sorta. The top is finished, anyway!

I fretted over prairie points for nothing! They were easy and FUN! I'm really happy with this quilt top....even though the color arrangement of the pinwheels isn't exactly what I wanted. It looks like the person who made it sorta knew what she was doing!

As worried as I was about prairie points multiplied times 10 = how freaked out I am about quilting it myself. I've only quilted a few things, all straight vertical lines. So yeah, I'm nervous. If any quilters happen to stop by, perhaps you could give me some suggestions.

I'm also a tad worried that the quilt in this post is going to pale in comparison to the pinwheel quilt. The problem is that both baby showers will occur at the same time, which I think stinks. If they weren't at the same time, I wouldn't think anything about it, but side by side...huge difference. Now I'm thinking I should make another quilt and donate that one.

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