Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fresh Comfort Blocks Rock!

I am really diggin' being a part of the Fresh Comfort II virtual quilting bee! My fellow bees are sending me some wonderful fabrics and patterns to play with!

I made two of these for Shelly. They were fairly easy and the end result is pretty daggone awesome! I thought I would share the're gonna want to make lots of these! Perhaps enough for a quilt?

Start with a 9 patch. I'd say any size block would do, I think the the individual blocks Shelly sent started out at 4in.Once you have your pieces all joined into a nine patch...SLICE IT! Make your slice somewhat wonky.Next, sew a 1.25 inch strip to join them back together.
Turn and wonky SLICE IT! again. (I love that was a little scary, though)
Again, add another 1.25 inch strip to rejoin....VoilĂ ! A nine patch, interrupted...aka fractured nine patch!

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Barb said...

I love the fractured nine patch....