Saturday, December 4, 2010

Bee Blocks

So tonight I finally got busy on the Fresh Comfort 2 Bee blocks due for Liz. They were due in November. Hopefully she won't mind they are a tad late. I have to say that these are, to date, the most addictive quilt blocks I've made. The tutorial for these blocks is here. It was my first go at paper piecing...super fun! Of course it didn't hurt that Liz sent along a bunch of vintage sheet fabrics for me to play with on these blocks. I added a few scraps of my own in one of the blocks, but mostly let the sheets do the talking. I hope Liz enjoys them!

A couple more bee blocks....these are for Marlynn in the Sew Bee Wonky bee. I've had them done for a while, just keep forgetting to mail them. Bad helper bee! Bad!

They make look familiar as they are the same type of blocks that I used in the Big Biting Pig quilt seen here. No, I'm not finished with that quilt either. But it is hanging on my design wall, mocking me.

My current crafty to do  list...perhaps writing it down will force me to get going.
More Fresh Comfort blocks
Finish baby quilt
Finish Big Biting Pig mini quilt
Finish wonky house quilt
Christmas apron
Etsy aprons(it's been far too long)
Experiment with watercolors

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Kandra said...

hahah that's awesome! :)

Kellie - you make me smile... and one day I plan on meeting you face to face. :)