Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Process Post (BBP mini quilt)

This little quilt has been mocking me from my design wall since I hung it there last week. I started on it a while back and stopped. I got frustrated after spending what seemed like hours trying to freehand with fabric something that might pass for an angry pig. And as frustrating as it was, now that time has passed, I really like the way he turned out. Especially his angry eyes. 

Tired of the mockery,  I decided to get back to it and have been sewing scraps together in a somewhat wonky fashion for the border. Almost finished....

My thoughts right now:
  • I love the letters. Love. love. love. them! 
  • Not entirely happy with where I placed the pig, but I ran out of the black fabric and had to make do.
  • All those border colors might need some containing w/an outer border or black binding at the least. 
  • It might not need a border at all.
  • Did I mention I love the letters?
This is the third quilt that I've made that I'd consider arty but others might consider modern(the other two are pictured in this post). I haven't  followed any design and just went with the process. I love doing it this way and am beginning to lose the "it must be perfect" attitude---which feels nice.

I'm hoping to have this guy done this week. 

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Jen said...

(found via the SMS giveaway day links)

You might not need a border, but I like the scraps you've put together for this one! (I do have questionable color/design-sense, so don't take my word for it!)