Thursday, December 30, 2010

What I Won't for 2011

A new year is fast approaching and it's a time when, instead of looking back at the missed opportunities and misfires of the past year, I(like a lot of folks) prefer to look ahead to the possibilities that a new year brings.

A few years ago, instead of making resolutions I made a Not-To-Do list. I was inspired by this article and liked the idea of thinking about what I didn't want to do rather than coming up with a list of resolutions that I may or may not make happen. For 2011, I think another list of un-resolutions is in order. 

My 2011 Not To Do List

I will not continue to hate my body. I've been doing it since I was in the fifth grade and the family doctor asked me if I was going  out for the football team.  I've done a lot of damage to my body since then by going on unhealthy diets...gaining and losing weight over and over. I've crammed my body full of junk food and neglected to take care of it. And have landed again at 30 40 50 too many pounds overweight. But, I refuse to go on another diet! Diets are motivated by self loathing and I'm done with that. Instead, I plan to love this body by:
  • moving it with regular exercise that makes me feel good(not something I dread doing that makes me feel like I've been trampled by a herd of elephants).
  • feeding it healthier foods and water.
  • taking in less junk.
  • taking time to unwind and de-stress.
  • surrounding myself with positive people and a support system via SparkPeople to help me as I learn to love my body once and for all.
I will not put myself down in front of other people or worry about what other people think of me.  Not only am I guilty of calling myself names and putting myself down, but I worry constantly about what other people think about me. Constantly. I think this probably stems from the whole body image thing...never good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, cool enough, blah blah blah.  Of course I realize this way of thinking is ridiculous, which is why:
  • Phrases like "I'm so fat" and scores of other lies I've uttered about myself are banished from my vocabulary. Anyone who hears/reads these phrases from me has my permission to give me a smack upside the head.
  • I will no longer get bent out of shape when someone calls me "Little Susie Homemaker" or makes a crack because I like to sew, cook, and hang out at home. I've taken offense to it in the past and regarded it as a put-down. I simply refuse to see it that way anymore.
  • I am not going to seek approval from everyone I know(and don't know).
  • I am proud of who I am, quirks and all.
I will not be the nagging wife.  I'm flawed, y'all.  I admit it, I pick and I nag at my husband sometimes. He'd probably argue that  I do it a lot. I hope not, but I fear that I am hard to live with. So when the situation arises that I want and/or need him to do something around the house, I'll ask. Once. If he doesn't get to it in my time, I'll let it go. I know men and women live in two completely different time zones and I'm going to try to be more attune to that.  If he does something in a way that is different from my way I'll be appreciative instead of pointing out why my way is better...because it is(wink wink, nod nod).

I will not give in to negativity.  God bless them, there are just some people who are unable to be positive. If you gave them a hundred bucks they'd say "Dang. Now I have to get out my wallet to put this away." I have to be honest with myself here and admit that I tend to sway to the negative side. Which means I am easily influenced and brought down by these Negative Nellies. It's gonna be hard but I'm going to try to deflect that negativity as often as I can. While I can't avoid all the negative that comes my way, I can make a conscious effort to surround myself with more positives.

I will not spend money frivolously. Unless it involves fabric or books.

I will not be bored.  There is absolutely no excuse for me to be bored. I'm OK with lazy every once in a while, because a day of  wearing pajamas, stretching out on the couch and reading or watching TV is relaxing. Boredom, on the other hand, is ridiculous and uncalled for. There's alway something to do...even if it is to simply meditate on how incredibly blessed I am. There are so many things I want to do creatively in the coming year that I refuse to let boredom ever rear it's ugly head. 

I will not forget to be thankful. I serve a wonderful God. A God who has blessed me with the most incredible family a girl could ask for and the most undeserved gifts of everlasting Love and Grace. I have so much and have done so little to deserve any of it. I am thankful for this past year(and all the years of my life) for the overflowing of love from my family and friends, for health, for a home, for all the things I take for granted on a daily basis.


Shana said...

I truly could have written this entire post. Way to go!

Tracy said...

Well, I think this is a great list. And I don't see why you'd put yourself down. You handle 1st graders like a pro. That's NOT something you see every day! And I got to see you do it for 2 separate classes, so I KNOW it isn't just because they were exception kids. :P But you're beautiful and you have a husband that LOVES you and you've been married to for a while now. (That in itself is a blessing that others need to note.) I have only one thing on my "to do" list this year. LOTS on my "to don'ts". My to do is to finish all my unfinished projects. My "to don'ts" looks a lot like yours. :)

Cynthia Matzat said...

Kelly, I'm using SparkPeople to lose a little weight as well. :) It must be the library lady thing to do this year. :) I love your post and agree with it completely. This fellow "Suzie homemaker" and librarians is proud of your commitment. :)

Kandra said...

Kelly!!!! Oh my word girl! This is the most perfectest bestest post EVER!!!!! Can I just say "ditto"? :D

So glad we've become cyber buds! You are awesome and I'm blessed to call you a friend!

Kandra - the gal that shares your obsession with books and fabric :D

threeundertwo said...

What a perfect post! It all applies to me as well - especially the not spending money except on fabric part.

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I love your list. This past year was really hard on our family and I found myself bending under the pressure and being too negative...not a trait I've had in the past and certainly not one I want to continue. Reading your post helped me remember that.

Shirley Pando said...

AMEN, sista! I especially losve this: "I will not spend money frivolously. Unless it involves fabric or books."

P.S. I'm visiting all the TFPC
sister blogs. :D