Sunday, February 21, 2010

Because Ziploc baggies just won't do!

I've developed a bit of an addiction to Facebook, but today I refused to log in. I've not only managed to go grocery shopping, cook real food, walk the dog, clear out the laundry room from Hell and actually do all the laundry, but I also completed two sewing projects! All in ONE DAY!

For my first project I used the instructions from the book One Yard Wonders to make a cute set of cafe curtains for the aforementioned evil laundry room from Hell. I goofed a bit on the upper casing and made it a tad small, but I'm leaving it for now.They were very quick and easy to make. The fabric had been hanging out in my sewing room closet, just waiting for the perfect project..and this was it! I love that it only took a yard, which means I have an extra yard to make the laundry bag from the same book!

For my second project, I made a bag for Mya's "doggy day care" supplies. I saw you roll your eyes & smirk at the mention of "doggy day care"! It's really just a day kennel...we hate leaving her alone in her kennel while we are at work. Being out of her kennel is not an option due to the four cats and the fact that the dog is completely wild and eats anything not nailed down. So, we decided to try the day kennel thing a couple days a week.

Rather than continuing to carry her toys and food in a handful of Ziploc baggies, I decided to make a reusable bag. I didn't use a pattern for this, just sort of figured it out as I went along. Just a simple tote using three fat quarters. I decided to add a thin layer of plastic over the lining; I figured it'd be easy to wipe clean.

The things we do for this dog!! But seriously, can you blame us? And there you have it, a fun filled, super-productive day! I may just have to give up Facebook for good! Yeah, like I have that kind of discipline.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Snowy Sewing Projects

We've had a lot of snow days this winter. As a member of the school teaching staff, I can tell you that the adults in the building get just as excited as the kids do! At least for the first few snow days. Now, we're to the point that it's cutting into our Summer just a bit too much and we are ready for the snow to stop!

Secretly, though, I hate getting out in cold weather and I love a good snow day. And I love spending snow days gettin' my craft on! I have spent these last few rounds of snow days sewing. I've made two quilt tops and two bags. However, today(yes, it's ANOTHER snow day today) my project du jour is laundry. But if the laundry gets done early enough, I'm firing up the ole Kenmore.

But before I tackle that hellish nightmare that is my laundry room, I thought I'd share the two bags that I made on previous snow days.
I made this purse using fabrics from JoAnn Fabrics. I'm pretty please with the outcome, but I'll tell took HOURS! Lots of seam ripping and fussy sewing with this one. I plan to give it another go, but there are some things that I intend to change around in the pattern to make it easier for me to sew and there are a few cosmetic things that I might fiddle with. But I do like it and it's gotten me many compliments!

And during the snow days we had last week, I made this purse. I started out thinking I would use one of the patterns from The New Handmade, but ended up doing my own thing. I used a charm pack of the gorgeous Nicey Jane fabrics from Heather Bailey for the outside of the purse. Something about these fabrics say "vintage sheets" to me and since I couldn't find anything in my stash that I like for a lining, I used a vintage sheet to line the bag. It's not perfect, but I LOVE it, but I'm going to save it to carry this Spring and Summer.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Well, sorta. The top is finished, anyway!

I fretted over prairie points for nothing! They were easy and FUN! I'm really happy with this quilt top....even though the color arrangement of the pinwheels isn't exactly what I wanted. It looks like the person who made it sorta knew what she was doing!

As worried as I was about prairie points multiplied times 10 = how freaked out I am about quilting it myself. I've only quilted a few things, all straight vertical lines. So yeah, I'm nervous. If any quilters happen to stop by, perhaps you could give me some suggestions.

I'm also a tad worried that the quilt in this post is going to pale in comparison to the pinwheel quilt. The problem is that both baby showers will occur at the same time, which I think stinks. If they weren't at the same time, I wouldn't think anything about it, but side by side...huge difference. Now I'm thinking I should make another quilt and donate that one.

Pinwheel Progress-N- Prairie Point Pondering

How's that for alliteration?

So, the baby pinwheel quilt is coming along. I didn't have enough of the charms to get the exact color layout that I wanted and still have enough for prairie points. Still, I'm OK with how it's looking so far.

Now, on to cut and add the gazillion little prairie point squares turned triangles. Yikes! I'll report back next year, when they're finished.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Decision Made!

Finally decided on a quilt pattern for the baby quilt from my previous post. I'll be doing the Baby Pinwheel. Spent last night watching the LOST recap pinning squares together for the 1/2 square triangles. I had to stop to focus FULL attention on the the new episode, though!

I can't wait to get started! This will be my first attempt at a pinwheel quilt and first attempt at prairie points! Wish me luck!