Saturday, January 15, 2011

An All Day Apron

 I figured the long weekend would be the perfect time to re-stock my etsy shop and do some sewing. I dug through my fabric stash and decided to use this lovely cabbage rose print with a 1950's feel (Swoon!) for my first project of the day.

I settled on a smock style apron. They're practical, cute, and quick to make. I figured I could finish this and whip up at least two half aprons before the day was done! Ha!

I went happily on my way cutting fabrics, excited to be starting new projects...things were going just swell. And then I decided to line the apron despite the fact that I never line this style smock. This is when what should have been a two hour project turned into an all day affair.  Holy Lord! I have not been so aggravated and dimwitted with a sewing project since I started sewing.

I eventually finished it...many hours and much cussin' later. After all that trouble, I'm not even going to list it for sale. For the time that I put into this apron, and the headache it caused me, I'd have to sell it for at least $1256.00 to make up for my time and effort.

So, for the time being, I've decided to keep it. I really don't think I could part with that fabric anyway.

Those two half aprons I was going to whip up? Not happening. I'd rather stab myself in the eyes with my Gingher stork embroidery scissors than look at my sewing machine right now.


Shana said...

well if it makes you feel any better it is really pretty!

Tracy said...

Well I really do dig the apron. However, I will tell you I missed you at the shop. I was in there with my niece and we were getting some stuff. She ended up getting some fleece and we made her soon to be here sister a cute tie blanket. :) I'll show pictures of it later after the baby is born. :)

mangocheeks said...

Oh it is so pretty and I am not that into blue roses.

Sally said...

This is beautiful! I wouldn't want to give it away, either, even before all of the aggravation!