Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Quick Process Post on the BBP Mini Quilt

This is a mini quilt/fan art piece that I've been working on for months now. It's funny that this was inspired by a company that produces horror flicks because it has turned into a nightmare.

I will say, however, that I'm happy with the way it looks right now. I love the wonky stars and the scrappy border. 

As for the nightmare part, I have had to un-quilt it three times! [insert horror film type scream here] I just spent the last 30min. unquilting as a matter of fact. The free motion quilting on top looks decent enough but I get "chicken feet" on the back. SO frustrating. My tension settings are OK, I think it is my lack of free motion experience that is causing the problem. I'm either too slow or too fast.

I suppose I could hand quilt it, but I haven't mastered that yet either. Besides, I really want to learn and improve free motion, so I'm gonna give it another go.

If, in the final reveal, it's straight line quilted, y'all will know it got the best of me.

But in the meantime, here I go again.


Creative Mom said...

Ugh free-motion quilting. I've had a hard time getting the hang of it too and I am just about to try another baby quilt. I keep thinking it will just click one of these days. Good luck!

Amy said...

I hear ya about free motion quilting, it is easier to do on my frame and machine,,, than doing on machine and table.looks good to me!

jennifer anderson said...

Hey I think That Big Biting Pig is a production company in our town!