Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pinwheel Progress

Here she is! This is the Pinwheel Sampler quilt top that I started in January through an Independent Block of the Month at my local quilt shop. I decided on Rachel Griffith's Pinwheel Sampler because I love love love pinwheels and I thought it looked manageable for my current level of quilting skills.

It was not a difficult quilt at all, but in my haste to finish blocks before the monthly deadline I did some sloppy cutting and too fast sewing. I also sewed about half with my regular foot and the other half with my 1/4 foot, so it is not as crisp and perfect as it could have been. I'm trying to be OK with that!

Since I just finished it up mere minutes ago, I'm still seeing every single flaw and cut off point(there are lots). I'm hoping a lot of those problems will "quilt out" or at least be less noticeable.

 I'm about 95% sure it's going to be a Christmas gift for someone special and I don't think this person will notice the mistakes that are glaring at me. She will love the buttery yellow background and bright colors, however!

A couple things I did that weren't in the original tutorial were to add strips to the top and bottom (I wanted to use as much of my layer cake as possible) and I added the nine cornerstone(?) blocks to the middle. I didn't want to take these all the way out to the border so I sort of framed the inner blocks with them. I kinda like the way that turned out!

My goal now is to have it quilted by November and bound before Christmas.

Finally...I had to add this picture of my Quilt-Holder-Upper. He may grumble the entire time I try to take a photo of a quilt, but he always obliges! Thanks Mark, I ♥ you!

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Alicia said...

Looks awesome! Love top and bottom rows!