Sunday, January 8, 2012

And She Will Make Clothes in 2012!

Despite the fact that I've already got big plans to do a boat load more quilting and sewing this year, I rediscovered a website this morning that has me chomping at the bits to add more to my to-do list.

The Sew Weekly. I stumbled upon it through pinterest a while ago and pinned a couple of "Make this Look" posts. These posts show an inspiration piece from Modcloth or Anthropologie and a very similiar sewing pattern and fabrics, allowing you to create your own version of the originial. Brilliant!

This morning I spent at least an hour looking through the "Make this Look" section and scouring over gorgeous and fun vintage inspired outfits that users had made. 

Like this dress, which I am currently coveting.

I'm certain there are a ton more goodies on the site.  Which means I'll have to spend even more time there. Oh, bother. 

Still, that hour I spent at looking at the creations of others, has totally inspired me to drag out some sewing patterns and get busy!

I'll mention that sewing clothes is not what I'm most comfortable with. A simple handbag? Doable. An apron. No problem! A skirt? I've made exactly two. This one. and This one. I've got two more wadded into heaps in ziplock bags and thrown into the back of my sewing closet, perhaps never to see the light of day again. I've started two is in much the same shape as the two skirts mentioned above and the other was so bad that I just threw it away, pattern, pins, and all.  I've yet to tackle a dress.  Zippers and the mention of piping make me break out in hives.  Pants? Just plain scary.

Still, despite my past experiences with garments, I am inspired to try again! 

Between all the other creative things that I want to do and the fact that I have to go to work on a daily basis, I will somehow make time to myself some clothes. Clothes that (1). I can wear in public and (2). Won't end up in a sad heap confined to a ziplock bag.

The only thing I'm lacking are cute vintage patterns in my size and enough yardage to make clothes. I buy in FQ, Half and One Yard cuts...because that's what works for me w/quilting and the things I normally make. But that's an easy fix! I'm going to start thinking "more" when it comes to yardage!

The vintage patterns are probably going to be above my current level of skills, so I'm content with pulling out some A line skirts and the two simple dress patterns that I own. Once I master those, I'm totally moving up to the vintage inspired stuff and I will be making one of those Modcloth inspired this one. 

Now, I'm officially requesting that more hours be added to the day. 


laurawilson25 said...

Good luck with this! I made a dress last year and loved it - simple, strapless, mumu-like, but I wear a belt and it looks fabulous. I bought a book with Christmas money with patterns in it that I want to try. Of course, I'm pregnant now, so that will have to wait for my post-preg body, but I have goals with regard to clothes too!

jennifer anderson said...

yeah, you can sew at lunch, lol