Thursday, February 7, 2008

Farewell Old Friend...

The quilt top that I started at my quilting class in Nov. is finally complete. WooHoo! I will save the quilting of it till this summer. For my first stab at a quilt that used blocks rather than wide fabric strips, I'm pretty proud of it. I could NOT get Sasha to budge for the photo, so please don't mind the cat!I was waiting to finish this quilt before getting the sewing machine that I got for Christmas out of the box. I was afraid the seams would be off and somehow mess up my quilt if I switched sewing machines in the middle. Now that it's done I managed to get my new sewing machine out of the box and set up yesterday.

So now I shall bid a fond farewell to my old Brother sewing machine. We've had our ups and downs, but it was a good run! Don't worry, it didn't go too far...just to the closet for now!I thought this would be an appropriate time to post the last few projects I made on the old machine.

First up, these two aprons. I was trying to come up with a design that I could use for aprons in the Etsy shop. There are a lot of plain cafe style aprons out there, so I thought a patchwork style might be fun. (these may well be out there tool, I just haven't seen them) Anyhow, I like the way they turned out with the various blocks of fabric, but I made a complete mess out of both waistbands and have not attempted to straighten them up or make another apron since. But, I DID learn to do a French seam in order to finish the backs of these neatly! Oooh La La!
French Seam!
I also made these "Lalka Lawenda"(Little Lavender Dolls) and sent them off to Poland for Jackie to give out at her girls night events. They are scented w/lavender and small enough in size to freshen up a drawer, car, backpack, closet, gymbag, etc. Some of these may also go into my still empty Etsy shop.I've also had a ton of fun making these robot themed Valentine cards on the sewing machine. I know they kinda look like a five year old drew them but I like that! Now I want to make a stuffed robot of some sort! OK, that last one is an owl, not a robot. Perhaps a robot owl is in order?
I call this one Untitled
A Boy & His Dog Walking the K-9Whoo Loves You?Yep, I've enjoyed that sewing machine immensely.


Angie said...

Oh my goodness! Everything is SO cute!!! I especially love the dolls!

Domestic Chicky said...

OMG-you have been busy!I love the appliques and I love the aprons! The best directions for a waistband were the ones in the Amy Butler book...took me a few tries to get it, but now they are so easy!

Anonymous said...

Oh Kellie, it's just beautiful. Love the border. I must make another one and make it like yours.
The aprons are gorgeous and such cute little cards. You have been so busy.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, the talent abounds! Love the quilt and the cards, and of course the aprons! You're going to have an etsy blast!