Friday, February 8, 2008

SAS and an Owl Pillow

The deadline for mailing the apron to my partner in the Sassy Apron Swap is March 1, so I gotta get going on this! I found this adorable ladybug fabric and thought it might be cute for the Spring theme. I have enough of these fabrics to make a full apron.I also picked up this lovely pink and yellow floral at the quilt shop this afternoon. It's a little "Springier" in my opionion, but I only bought enough for a half apron. So there's my dilemma. Cute aqua and pink full apron OR cute yellow and pink somewhat Springier half apron? My swap partner did not list a color or full/half apron preference. So your thoughts might help me solve this little dilemma! What do ya'll think?

I've tried out the sewing machine Mark got me for Christmas. My first project was this little owl pillow that I made last night using this pattern. I have to tell you, it sews like a dream! So smooth and quiet. The sewing machine didn't jump around on the table once! My old one had a tendency to do that!


J. Shea Stanley said...

That owl is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

Ginny said...

That owl is too cute, oh my!

Anonymous said...

Love your fabrics Kellie, my option for the apron would be full-lenght as I'm short and half one doesn't cover above the bench. Full lengths cover ALL you clothes.
So pleased your sewing machine sews like a dream and the owl is so cute for your first project.
Have a great weekend. xx

Kellie C. said...

Hi Kellie...I love the yellow with the pink and I think that one is for the half apron. Your robot cards are darling!

Anonymous said...

I vote for the full-length apron. I LOVE your owl, too! The machine I borrowed over Christmas was smooth as silk and didn't jump around like mine does. Isn't that nice?