Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pay It Forward--Handmade Style

Anyone in for a little handmade happy-happy-joy-joy?

I first saw Pay It Forward on Val's blog and was able to get in the fun by way of Gin over at Keepsake Moments!

Gin is going to be sending me a handmade goody! And I do loves me some handmade! I, in turn, agreed to make and send three handmade goodies to three people in the next 365 days.
Who are the three I will be sending my little goodies to? Don't know yet!

Of course I'd love to send you a handmade goody! BUT I will only be sending to the FIRST THREE people to leave a comment. Sure I'd like to send everyone something, but hey, I do have a job ;). At least I HAD is still canceled due to aftermath of the ice storm...

...but that's beside the point...

Be one of the first three commenters and the handmade goodness is all yours!

The only catch is that you must agree to continue to pass along the handmade happiness to three people of your own. It doesn't have to be anything elaborate or expensive. Handmade by you and being mailed within the next 365 days are the are the only requirements!

Who's with me?

Please leave me a way to contact you!

**EDIT** I have one commenter that did not leave an email address or a blog address for me to contact. Soooo, there's room for one more! And if KarenPro does come back w/contact infor, I'll do four giveaways.


val of the south said...

What a cool idea!

I'm in!!

valofthesouth at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

me loves handmade goodies too. my mother was full of 'em! Count me in! KarenPro

Patty said...

Hey, I am #3, woo hoo! I just saw this on another blog but she already had three people who left comments so I missed out on that one. But I would love to be part of your Pay It Forward, Kellie.

Anonymous said...

I've already been priviledged to have two of your handmade goodies.

Just wanted to say 'hi'!!

Hope you're doing well.
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Can I join?


Patty said...

I swear I was just typing an email to Mary and I suggested she sign up for your PIF. I popped in to get the link to this post for her and just read her comments. HOW WEIRD IS THAT?!

Schelle said...

Hi - I just clicked on your link from the toy society - your robot is very cute and I love the 'hang it on the statue idea! (My first drop was #107 - the bunny sitting with Oscar the Grouch - I didn't link to my blog as it was pretty close to home and I have lots of photos of my kids there...) Anyway! If you don't mind posting to Australia and you still have an opening, I'd love to be part of your Pay it forward-ness :D

fractalmyth at gmail dot com