Monday, February 23, 2009

Unfortunately Kellie is easily amused...

This is fun! I first saw it on Patty's blog and got a big case of the giggles. Google the phrase "Unfortunately _______" with your name in the blank(leave the quotation marks) and see what you get! Let me know if you do this so I can read your results!

Unfortunately, Kellie did not win.

Unfortunately kellie is in the horrible situation of not having any health insurance, so we have started a hoagie sale...

Unfortunately, Kellie does not feature on any of the surviving Timothy Pont maps of the late sixteenth century..

Unfortunately, Kellie is an alcoholic who is systematically destroying the family finances with her Ebay habit.

Unfortunately, Kellie was absent due to health issues, and Tyler and River only came for one evening, but we had a lot of fun.

Unfortunately, Kellie can't over her own longtime crush on Drew, and her incompatibility with her own date Rand (Dublin James) doesn't help matters.

Unfortunately Kellie hosted again but I liked some members of the family.

Unfortunately, Kellie’s aunt (Grandma’s caretaker) fell and broke her hip earlier this week.

Unfortunately, Kellie did more than slip @ the Trials but she most definitely proved she's more than ready for the world stage.

Unfortunately Kellie, that is how directions are written, which is why it's imperative to start a good sewing book library.

Unfortunately, Kellie passed away on December 14, 2007.

Unfortunately Kellie didn´t have enough tea to get any of the good side effects.

Unfortunately, Kellie has had issues besides love to deal with lately.

Unfortunately, Kellie and her girlfriends were part of the mass exodus.

Unfortunately Kellie, the comment from Sharon is pure spam.

Unfortunately, Kellie had to let Toastmasters go before achieving her CTM.

Unfortunately, Kellie was horrible today.

Unfortunately, Kellie did not turn to stone when his unseeing yet ALL-seeing gaze fell upon her countenance.


Patty said...

These are great but I hope Kellie she doesn't have any serious medical issues because I'm not sure selling hoagies is the way to bring in mega bucks.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Kellie can't hear me laughing right now.
Dude, you always make me happy.

Yarni Gras! said...

HA! I just did it myself and got some funny ones. I'll let you know if I turn it into a post!