Monday, February 23, 2009

Unfortunately Kellie is easily amused...

This is fun! I first saw it on Patty's blog and got a big case of the giggles. Google the phrase "Unfortunately _______" with your name in the blank(leave the quotation marks) and see what you get! Let me know if you do this so I can read your results!

Unfortunately, Kellie did not win.

Unfortunately kellie is in the horrible situation of not having any health insurance, so we have started a hoagie sale...

Unfortunately, Kellie does not feature on any of the surviving Timothy Pont maps of the late sixteenth century..

Unfortunately, Kellie is an alcoholic who is systematically destroying the family finances with her Ebay habit.

Unfortunately, Kellie was absent due to health issues, and Tyler and River only came for one evening, but we had a lot of fun.

Unfortunately, Kellie can't over her own longtime crush on Drew, and her incompatibility with her own date Rand (Dublin James) doesn't help matters.

Unfortunately Kellie hosted again but I liked some members of the family.

Unfortunately, Kellie’s aunt (Grandma’s caretaker) fell and broke her hip earlier this week.

Unfortunately, Kellie did more than slip @ the Trials but she most definitely proved she's more than ready for the world stage.

Unfortunately Kellie, that is how directions are written, which is why it's imperative to start a good sewing book library.

Unfortunately, Kellie passed away on December 14, 2007.

Unfortunately Kellie didn´t have enough tea to get any of the good side effects.

Unfortunately, Kellie has had issues besides love to deal with lately.

Unfortunately, Kellie and her girlfriends were part of the mass exodus.

Unfortunately Kellie, the comment from Sharon is pure spam.

Unfortunately, Kellie had to let Toastmasters go before achieving her CTM.

Unfortunately, Kellie was horrible today.

Unfortunately, Kellie did not turn to stone when his unseeing yet ALL-seeing gaze fell upon her countenance.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

That Darn Cat!

Tonight I'm working on a quilt...this is going to be my quilty year, after all! I have the blocks for the main body of the quilt pieced and ready to go. I lay them out on the floor in order to come up w/a pleasing layout, all the while making sure I don't end up heavy on the dark blocks in one corner, too many florals next to one another, or two of the same print side by get the idea.

I leave the room to grab a camera so I can refer back to a photo for the layout. And I get distracted for maybe 10min. w/ email.

I head back to the living room and this is what I return to.Aaargh! It took me a good 30 min. to get those blocks just the way I wanted them!

Although Mark ratted her out, Trixie seemed pretty smug about her little jaunt. So I go back to trying to get them in order when Sasha decides to park her furry butt on it!Sheesh. I am SO making some cat sized decoy quilts for these knuckleheads!

She's posting about sewing again...

So this week I received a supply of my personal form of crack sewing project book in the mail. I LOVE IT! The projects are, for the most part, on my level and they are all absolutely adorable! Seriously, out of all of the projects in this book there weren't any that I didn't like. Usually there are at least a couple projects in craft books that I'd consider duds. There are several that I want to try right away! The market and messenger bags on the cover being high on my list.

As I was flipping through the book for the first time, the fabric on this sweet little bag jumped out at me. I mean, have you ever seen such wonderful colors/prints in your life??? *Swoon*

After a little digging I discovered it was from a line called Flea Market Fancy by Denyse Schmidt. And it's apparently out of print?! What? NOoooo! I did some more digging and found 1/2 yard of the floral for sale on Etsy, but it is in a pink background and not this luscious blue. I confess, I bought the pink because now that I know I can't just order them, I am obsessed w/getting my hands on some of these Flea Market Fancy fabrics. Must. have. them.

And in other sewing news, I was blog hopping yesterday and came across a purse made w/some fabric that I'd seen at WalMart numerous times. I've picked this fabric up, put it in my cart, only to put it back on the shelves w/o out having any cut more than once. Such a dork.

ANYWAY, after seeing the fabric made into a way cool purse on lipstick and laundry, I decided once and for all to pick some up on next trip to WalMart. Lucky for me, that was last night on a grocery run.

Here's my finished purse. I think I need a matching zippy pouch and cell phone holder to go with, don't you?

Friday, February 20, 2009

Toy Society Drop #2

I made this little robot as my second drop for The Toy Society. I was in Nashville Thursday and decided to leave him at the Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt. There was a garden area right outside the main entrance...I left him there w/a sweet statue.
Hopefully, he's already had the opportunity to brighten someone's day!

Monday, February 16, 2009


Since I started my adventure in learning to sew two years ago, I have avoided zippers like the plague. Zippers were strange and mysterious creatures and I wanted no part of them. Actually that's not entirely true. Zippers WERE strange and mysterious creatures, yes. However, I have longed to be able to insert a zipper but didn't think I could do it. I was a zipper-phobe.

That is until this weekend. This weekend I waged an all out war on zippers and I emerged the victor! It took a lot of patience on my part, along with some grumblin' and yeah, even a little cussin', but I did it! Three times!

I wanted to start out with something relatively easy so I decided upon some little zippered coin pouches and one makeup pouch.

This one is a weird size and it came out all wonky. But hey, the zipper IS inserted! WooHoo!This is the "grumblin' and cussin' nearly drove me nuts and took waaaaay longer than it should have due to, among other things, some upside down sewing. Despite the grumbly-cussy fit that ensued, I do love this fabric!This one makes me happy. I used this tutorial.And I got so excited by my zipper insertion victory that I bought seven more zippers today! More little pouches on the way! Once I'm comfortable w/these, I can move on to bigger bags still my heart...pants and skirts!

I think these little pouches might be fun to give as my Pay it Forward gifts. Speaking of which, I still have room for one more player. Details a post or two down.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

But like in the movie, not the book

I don't often get overly excited about shoes. OK, sometimes I do...remind me to show you Chuck Taylors w/black cats on them sometime...

Anyhow, I've been wanting a pair of red shoes forever. Not fire engine red and not that pinky-red color that you see in the summer alot, just red. I didn't necessarily want flats, but not high heels either...something I could wear w/skirts or slacks. I couldn't really put my finger on what I wanted, I just knew I'd know 'em when I found 'em.

I found them! At Wal-Mart no less. For $15.00. $15.00!!

The color reminds me of candy apples(why is always food?) and I love the little velvet bows and the teensy heel that make them just a touch girlie. Cute, huh? I'll feel like Dorothy Gail when I wear them.

In need of a laugh?

I think I posted this once upon a time, but I've been on the site this afternoon and must share again! For those of you who've never visited The Institute of Official Cheer. Go! It's good for a laugh. For me, it's good for many laughs!

So much to see...

I suggest you start with...
The Gobbler it's the "grooviest motel in Wisconsin!" I don't know how I missed this the first few times I visited The Institute, but good GRIEF! This is/was an actual hotel in Wisconsin and it was AWESOME in its hideousness. The commentary by Lileks is hysterical!

The Daylets. Dear LORD it's weird what they did w/food photography in the 50's!

And then there's...
The Art of Art Frahm Just what are the effects of celery on underwear? This one had me nearly in tears.

Plenty more fun to be had over at The Institute of Official Cheer!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I did not need to know about this...

Did you know you can make donuts from canned biscuits? I did not. I wish I still did not. They are dangerous. Very dangerous.

Take these...
Then do this(I used the top of a water bottle to make the holes)...
Fry 'em in some hot oil...

and you get this...I doused them in powdered sugar, but I imagine you could frost or glaze them too. One thing...don't expect them to taste like Krispy Kremes. More like a Funnel Cake...especially when doused in powdered sugar and still warm.

I had to throw them away. NOT because they weren't yummy, cause they were!

Imagine me, standing at the counter, mouth full, powdered sugar falling from my lips and all over the front of my shirt yelling, "MMM! Mmmm! MMMaan!..deesh are shooow goooooo!"

Yeah. It was scary. I would've eaten all of them in 30 15min. and made myself sick had I not thrown the rest away after those first 2...ok, two and a half. I really need to learn some self control.

Next time I make these there will be someone nearby to share with me...I'd be a shame for another batch of biscuit-dounuts to suffer the same fate.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pay It Forward--Handmade Style

Anyone in for a little handmade happy-happy-joy-joy?

I first saw Pay It Forward on Val's blog and was able to get in the fun by way of Gin over at Keepsake Moments!

Gin is going to be sending me a handmade goody! And I do loves me some handmade! I, in turn, agreed to make and send three handmade goodies to three people in the next 365 days.
Who are the three I will be sending my little goodies to? Don't know yet!

Of course I'd love to send you a handmade goody! BUT I will only be sending to the FIRST THREE people to leave a comment. Sure I'd like to send everyone something, but hey, I do have a job ;). At least I HAD is still canceled due to aftermath of the ice storm...

...but that's beside the point...

Be one of the first three commenters and the handmade goodness is all yours!

The only catch is that you must agree to continue to pass along the handmade happiness to three people of your own. It doesn't have to be anything elaborate or expensive. Handmade by you and being mailed within the next 365 days are the are the only requirements!

Who's with me?

Please leave me a way to contact you!

**EDIT** I have one commenter that did not leave an email address or a blog address for me to contact. Soooo, there's room for one more! And if KarenPro does come back w/contact infor, I'll do four giveaways.

I've got the POWER and hey, it's good!

We have electricity! Yay! Although Kenergy has been messin' with us...flickering our lights off and on now that we're home and have a fully stocked fridge once again! Don't even THINK about putting us back in the dark, Kenergy!

I can't say enough how grateful I am to my awesome and most excellent brother for letting us camp out at his house and being the ever gracious host! Despite being displaced for well over a week, it was all good!

But y'all...sleeping in my own bed and padding around my own house can't be beat.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Eleven days and counting...

An ice storm hit the Bluegrass State last week. 100% of our county lost power for a while. That was last Tuesday.

Eleven days later, we are still in the dark. Well, our house is anyway. Mark and I stuck it out the first few nights at home w/a generator, but ran out of gas...the whole TOWN ran out of gas, actually.

My brother has graciously taken us in and we've been camped out at his house since last Friday.
We've been fortunate to have family to turn to. Many people in our town and in the county haven't been so lucky. My parents, my sister and her husband lost power as well and they've also been staying here at my brother's house. They were able to head back home yesterday.

I wish I had taken photos of the ice, but y'all, it was cold and the ground was a solid sheet of ice! Once we DID leave the house, the drive leaving our neighborhood was terrifying and I couldn't have taken a photo for hiding my face and crying(so now you know, I'm a big scaredy cat).

So, what does one do when away from home for this long...and school, therefore work, has been canceled? Here's what I've been up to...

...playing with her
.. buying DVD's at Circuit City's going out of business sale
Laverne & Shirley Season I
August Rush
Mystery Science Theater 3000
Sweeny Todd
Princess Bride
along w/the the normal weekly TV(Biggest Loser,Lost, The Office, etc)

...lunch at Chick-fil-A with Shea...a souvenir.
...embroidering tea towels(we picked up my floss box on a trip home to check on our kitties, yay!)
...making felt cookies that have been doubling for pincushions
...and a robot
...and a doomed to never be finished robot
...finishing two books, starting another

...hanging out with the family, eating...eating a lot

...getting acquainted with this

...heading to a movie with my sis. We saw this.

..learning my brain isn't as big as I thought it was