Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Sewing Machine Hates Me

Remember the time I Killed My Iron? Well, I think I may have seriously injured--or at the very least infuriated my sewing machine last night in an effort to learn to do a random meandering/stipple design. I think I pushed her past her limits. In addition to going 100MPH because my machine has no speed control, I was relentless with the sewing!  First I went crazy on a small quilt sandwich, then on countless sheets of paper, next back to the quilt sandwiches until finally she coughed, sputtered, and slowed down to a crawl. The bulb even gave up and burnt out on me!  I have so much I want to finish before school starts back...a couple quilts, a Toy Society project, aprons for the etsy shop, and a secret project that I'd hoped to get done before my Chicago trip next week. And now, nothing is going to get done for a while. Nothing but a trip to the repair shop, that is. I'm hoping that a good cleaning and oiling will do the trick and have ole' Katie Kenmore(and me) whistling a happy tune instead of crying the blues.

In the meantime. I suppose I can finally photograph and list the aprons that are ready to go into my etsy shop. I can read that stack of books I planned on being halfway through that I've only just begun to read. I could cook...I could even try out some of the recipes(for Mark) from this great  blog that Val sent me. There's plenty that I could do to keep busy. But y'all know I'd rather be sitting at the sewing machine listening to showtunes on Pandora!

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