Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Where Kellie Sees the (near) Future

Today was the last day of school for our students! This means I have four more work days until I am free until the first week of August! FREE! To do absolutely nothing that I don't want to do! Oooh how I like the sound of that! What, you ask, do I have planned? I'll tell ya!
  • sleeping late
  • playing with the Miss Mya Claire, more widely know as "Goat-Dog"
  • catching up on plenty of reading
  • Cooking...yes, you read it correctly. I will cook this summer. Me. Mmm Hmm. Someone might want to notify the news media about this. Just sayin'
  • Sewing...aprons, lunch bags, clothing(gasp!), monsters, etc.
  • Couch time & movies
  • quilting, hopefully lots of it!
  • a train ride to Chicago and a 5 day stay with my kid sister
  • Not Working!
The (near) future is looking mighty good, y'all!

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