Sunday, June 27, 2010

Skirting the Issue

You might not think it if you passed me on the street, since my normal "uniform" is a denim jacket, slacks, and Chuck Taylors, but I'm kind of a girly-girl. I enjoy reading fashion magazines, playing with makeup and shopping for clothes. Then there's hair--don't even get me started on hair! 

I wanna talk about skirts. I love skirts. They can be dressed up or they can go casual, they can be fun and girly or classic and sophisticated. A skirt, provided it's the right length, is nearly always an appropriate choice. They're the perfect spring and summer staple(think cool and breezy) and equally fabulous in fall and winter when paired with tights or great boots. You can't go wrong with a great skirt.

The sad thing...even though I'm a confessed skirt lover, I rarely wear them anymore. In fact, I wore a skirt exactly one time during the past school year.  Once upon a time I wore them often. When I returned home from Europe(where everyone seemed to be in skirts all the time), I went skirt crazy and wore them constantly. And then I gained a little weight...OK, at least ten pounds...and I stopped wearing them. 

It's funny, but my desire to wear skirts seems to go hand in hand with myself self-esteem. If I'm feeling like I look OK, you'll see me wearing skirts more often. If I'm feeling that I look like Jabba the Hutt's sister, you won't. And for a while now, I've been feeling more Hutt-like than OK.  And that's not OK.

I'm too old to be worried about everyone else is thinking. And it's high time I got comfortable in my own skin, tree trunk legs and all. I think it's time I start wearing skirts again!

Although never one to pass up a shopping spree, I'd like to make some new skirts rather than run out and buy them. I love the idea that they can be custom fit and made from fun, funky prints. Considering I get it right. I have made a skirt before. Twice, actually! This is the first one and I go into mind numbing detail about the experience here if you're interested in that sort of thing.
My second attempt at a skirt is below. It's made from a vintage sheet(and yes, I have worn it in public). The details of that one are here.
 I have an embarrassing number of skirt patterns in my stash. I won't tell you how many, but I will say it's more than five. I'm thinking about using one of these three for my next attempt. They're all rumored to be easy patterns. I don't believe that for a second, but I'm willing to try.

And just because I have 500 skirt patterns in my stash(I exaggerate) does not mean that I'm above ordering yet another. This one got a nice review on SewMamaSew and it looks like it might be flattering--I love the simple lines and the length on this one. Lots of fun fabric possibilities. July 7 edit: I just bought this pattern too! I seriously need help for my addictions.
Any opinions on these patterns? Take into consideration that I'm 5'4"ish and NOT a size 8...or get the idea.

And while I'm asking questions...what's your favorite thing to wear? Least favorite? Do you think what you wear affects how you feel about yourself or is it the other way around?


Housewife Creations said...

I love skirts as well. I prefer a calf-lenght skirt. I like the last pattern, I would try that if I were you!

Shannon said...

I own too many skirt patterns, too! In fact, I definitely have that McCalls pattern you pictured. My personal favorite is view A in the McCalls pattern, but I think they all look good. :)

Lately, my favorite thing to wear is denim capris, sandals, and a button-up shirt of some sort. But I love skirts, too... I just usually end up not wearing them, because I, too, am feeling a bit too Hutt-like. I need to get over that or do something about it, I think.

I can't wait to see what skirt you end up making. I'm sure it will look great on you!

Anonymous said...

Nice work! I really like the first dottie blue one.