Thursday, May 24, 2007

WW Update

I "officially" started back to WW on May 5th. Meetings, weigh-ins, and all. I had done the WW program on my own since Jan., but once we stopped our Biggest Loser competition at work, I kinda slacked off and gained back 7 of the 20 pounds I had lost. Before that number started to go any higher, I thought I should just go back, pay the 12 bucks a week and do the program.

The first week I lost 5.4 pounds, which is the most I've ever lost in a week on WW. I was pretty happy about it.

The second week was the weekend I ate like a pig for three days and ended up gaining two or three pounds in two days and had to spend the rest of the week trying to work that off. I did, but there was no loss when I weighed in last Thursday.

Today, at weigh in I had lost another 4.6 pounds! Woo Hoo! Something silly that I like about going to the meetings is that everyone applauds you and they give you a gold star for 5, 10, etc. Silly, but it works for me. Anyway, I tried to stick to the program more carefully this week and only used about 10 of my "bonus weekly points". I also did "Walk away the Pounds" six days this week week.

So that brings my total loss since 5/3 to 10 pounds! And if I add that to what I had lost since January that's a total of 23 pounds. So I'm feeling pretty good. Hopefully I will be able to post at least a 2 pound loss this time next week!

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